It’s Sudden, Prov 6:12-15

Throughout the Bible you find the word “sudden” or “suddenly” in reference to something that happens so quickly and unexpectedly it is shocking.  As Bible believers, we shouldn’t be surprised by these things or afraid when they happen.  Here are some things that happen suddenly. 

Sudden calamity, Prov 6:12-15.  A naughty person’s calamity comes suddenly.  He may have been reproved many times before, Prov 29:1.  But when his destruction finally comes, it is swift.  The devil’s destruction will come suddenly, Rev 20:8-10.  Belshazzar and Babylon fell in one night, Dan 5:30-31.  Absalom was dispatched by Joab and his conspiracy ended in a day.  Ahab was killed after rejecting Micaiah’s prophecy, though he disguised himself in battle.  Ananias and Saphira dropped dead as soon as their lie left their lips.  You can’t do wrong and get away with it for ever.  When your calamity comes, it will come swiftly.

Sudden fear, Ecc 9:12.  1 Thes 5:3 says, “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them”.  We know that judgment is coming upon the nations and on our nation, specifically.  We don’t pray for that judgment and we certainly hope to already be in heaven when it happens.  Nevertheless, if it were to happen in our lifetimes, we are not to be afraid, Prov 3:25-26.  The sudden fear that grips the world cannot grip us when we are trusting the Lord.  Keep your eyes on the Lord, not on the destruction around you.  Keep doing the Lord’s work while we wait for his return.

Sudden event, Acts 2:2, 9:3, 16:26.  The Holy Spirit showed up with a sudden rushing wind.  The Lord appeared to Paul suddenly in light.  The jail doors were opened suddenly with an earthquake.  When the time is right, the Lord moves quickly.  Keep patiently doing what you’re doing.  Keep patiently praying for those hard prayer request that you think might never get answered.  You never know when the Lord is going to move.  But when he does, he will move suddenly.

Sudden return, Mal 3:1, Mk 13:36.  Jesus Christ is going to return to this earth suddenly.  Matt 24:44 and he comes at a time when nobody thinks he’s coming.  So, don’t be discouraged that the people to whom you witness seem to be distracted by everything but the Lord.  That’s how things will be before he returns and that’s how things are becoming right here before the rapture.  Don’t let the general attitude of the world discourage you from telling people about Jesus.  There are still some who want to hear.