Study the Word of Truth 2 Tim 2:15-18

Study the Word of Truth 2 Tim 2:15-18 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Study the word of truth, study God’s words. Don’t substitute the study of the Bible with books about the Bible or commentaries.  The words of God are the truth Jn 17:17; Ps 119:160.  When you properly study the words of God, you:

Gain God’s approval – God is the teacher Prov 22:17-21; Jn 14:26, 16:13.  He knows what he want you to know.  He’s like a teacher teaching you and then giving you are test to see if you learned the material.  It doesn’t make any difference if anyone else approves or disapproves [shew thyself].  You are approved if what you are getting is from God and if you understand it.  Many aren’t approved [Matt 22:23-30].  The Sadducees missed the truth because they presumed to know already and they didn’t believe it [Acts 23:8; Job 19:25-27; Ezek 37].

Do the work yourself – Bible study takes work. You can’t let others do all the work for you. Certainly you need teachers Eph 4:11-12; Acts 8:31.  But you need to “milk your own cow.”

Are not put to shame before God or men – there is a lot that God knows that we don’t know [Job 38:2].  But there is much that God will reveal to you when you study [Lk 10:21].  If you should know something and you don’t, you will be ashamed when examined by the Lord [Jn 3:9-10]. Nicodemus should have known more about the new birth than he did [Ps 22 Is 53].  The Sadducees and Pharisees didn’t know the truth about their Messiah Matt 22:41-46.  But some folks knew that he would be the Son of God [Dan 3:25; Prov 30:4-5; Is 7:14].

And not ashamed before men [1 Pet 3:14-16, 4:11].  They are the ones who should be ashamed after they hear you quote the words of God.

Rightly divide it – the Bible has right divisions. We have studied these according to the covenants that God made with men.  When it comes to divisions, men either make no divisions [wrong], wrongly divide or rightly divided the truth.  Here are some of the problems that have resulted today from not rightly dividing the word of truth.

    • Rapture and second advent are nearly concurrent [pre-wrath]. Not divided.
    • Ultra grace, salvation and consecration are the same thing. Not divided.
    • Roman Catholic priesthood. Not divided.
    • Roman Catholic a-millennial doctrine. Not divided.  They see the church and the kingdom as the same.
    • Israel and the church are the same. Not divided.
    • Water baptism is essential for salvation or baptismal regeneration.  Not divided.

Recognize and shun profane babbling – 2 Tim 2:16 – we studied “profane” Wednesday night.  It means secular, not sacred.  Babbling originates from men, not from God [like the traditions found in Mk 7].  They increase unto more ungodliness 2 Tim 3:5, 7.  Their studies are vain.

Keep yourself from error – 2 Tim 2:17-18 – Hymenaeus and Philetus were wrong about the resurrection.  But their error didn’t remain with them.  It spread like cancer and the faith of some was overthrown. Solution Prov 19:27.  We must preach sound doctrine Titus 1:9-14.

Conclusion: you must study; there will be a test.