Stephanas was Addicted 1 Cor 16:15-18

Stephanas was Addicted 1 Cor 16:15-18 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The house of Stephanas was addicted to the ministry of the saints.  Addicted – strongly inclined to indulge in repeatedly.  Addict – to devote or surrender to something habitually or obsessively.  Earlier meaning – to give over, surrender, apply or devote oneself habitually.  An addict is a devotee – an ardent (zealous) follower, supporter or enthusiast.  If you are wild about sports you are a FAN.  However, if you are devoted to the Lord you are a FANATIC (as in a religious fanatic).

When you are addicted to the ministry (fully devoted, fully surrendered) here’s what happens:

You lead your family to the Lord – 1 Cor 1:16 – the household of Stephanas.  Acts 16:30-33 and thy house.  Jos 24:15 as for me and my house.  The children don’t run you, you run them.  It’s easier for your “house” to come to the Lord and follow him when your children are young and at home.  When they grow up, they make their own decisions.  If they veer, you hold the course; don’t waver [1 Cor 16:13].

You lead your friends to the Lord – 1 Cor 16:15 the firstfruits of Achaia.  Cornelius was responsible for others being present when Peter preached the gospel at his house [Acts 10:2, 22, 27].  Others are affected by your testimony, “ye know the house of Stephanas,” and by your witness.  Some will think you’re nuts, a fanatic.  They are, too… about other things.

You become part of the ministry – 1 Cor 16:15 – “addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints.”  You find your place of service in the body [1 Cor 12:18; Eph 4:11-16].  And not only you, but your house that are still serving the Lord will find their place of ministering to the saints.  They’ll be devoted to the ministry and zealous of good works [Titus 2:14, peculiar people are distinctive, special].  You help and labor with the other ministers [1 Cor 16:16], that is, you take on part of the ministry.  You become an extension of the pastor’s ministry.

In so ministering you:

  • Get others to follow – 1 Cor 16:16 “submit yourselves.”  That is, they are following others who now have responsibility in the ministry.
  • See and fill the needs that arise – 1 Cor 16:17 – that which was lacking on your part they have supplied.
  • Refresh the spirits of the ministers and church – 1 Cor 16:18 – the pastor is refreshed by those who step up.  And the church is refreshed because the needs of the ministry concerning them are met.  They are benefited and encouraged by what you do to help.

Conclusion: if you aren’t saved yet, you need to hear the gospel and receive Jesus Christ.  And then you need to be baptized and get addicted to the ministry of the saints.  If you are already saved, and you are not fully devoted and surrendered to the Lord, you need to get in “ll the way,” and pull your share of the load.  That’s where the real joy and satisfaction in the Christian life are found.