Matthew 27:34-36 Sitting Down They Watched Him There CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

I have seen some pretty remarkable things as a spectator.  But spectators just sit and watch; they don’t do anything to participate or win the game.  The day Jesus was crucified, there were a bunch of spectators there who were just sitting and watching.  They couldn’t do one bit of the work of redemption.

However, when redemption was finished, then there was plenty to do and the spectators suddenly had something to do; they were now part of the team.  And they did anything but sit and watch.  They worked and put their own lives on the line for the sake of the cross.  Today, though, we have far too many spectators.  There is work to be done, and folks just want to pay their money, sit down and watch the show.

The problem with being a spectator is that:

They’re fickle – compare Matt 21:6-11 with Matt 27:22-25 – the folks who celebrated the arrival of their king are the same bunch who cried for him to be crucified.  Just like spectators in the stands who cheer one minute and boo the next.  That’s the problem with spectators; they haven’t left any sweat on the field.   Jesus paid the price in blood and so did the apostles.  Men and women who are putting their lives on the line for Jesus can’t stand it when some guy on the sidelines starts fussing about the church.

They want to be entertained – Acts17:21 – the fans are always demanding added attractions.  This attitude has infiltrated the church.  Mega churches and churches influenced by the mega church movement have given in to the spectators and now their services look more like a Broadway “production.”  Everybody is competing to put on the best show.

They want to be comfortable –Rev 3:17 – and the more comfortable they are the more content they are to just be spectators.  They compromise the gospel to keep the folks feeling good and coming back.  The trouble is that this kind of comfort kills the church.  Have you ever noticed funeral homes are very comfortable buildings?

They don’t participate – Jas 1:22-25 – they watch what’s going on and they pay the bills but they do not get the prize for winning the game.  Spectators will not be crowned with the “laborers,” [Matt9:36-38] at the judgment seat of Christ.

How about you?  Are you a spectator?  Well, if you are, come down out of the stands.  We don’t need any more folks doing the “wave,” we need men who will do the work.