Sowing Sparingly and Bountifully 2 Cor.9:6

Sowing Sparingly & Bountifully 2 Cor. 9:6 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

People who are sowing sparingly and bountifully both “shall reap” according to 2 Cor 9:6. Those who sow sparingly “shall reap” sparingly.  And those who sow bountifully “shall reap” bountifully.  The key is to sow.  Thus, if you have the desire to reap bountifully, then you must sow bountifully.

Truthfully, if you sow bountifully, the reaping will be bountiful, but you may not be the one doing the reaping. According to Jn 4:35-38, when we work in the Lord’s harvest, it is very typical for one to sow and for another to reap.  Nevertheless, the sowers and the reapers are one [1 Cor 3:6-9].  Thus, for reapers to be able to reap, we must all sow.

The wicked servant in Lk 19:12-21 is the one who refuses to reap unless he sows and who refuses to sow if another is going to reap. Hence, he does nothing!  The last thing in the world that we want to do is stand before the Lord at the judgment seat of Christ and be accounted a wicked servant because we didn’t sow.  Therefore, let’s sow!!  Let the Lord give the increase.

And since there is greater reward for greater production, then let’s sow wisely as much as the Lord intends for us to sow.