Soul Winning Lesson #7

Soul Winning #7 Bro. Welder CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO 

This lesson is designed to give the class participants an opportunity to practice witnessing, “preaching the gospel” and giving their testimonies to each other.

When you have the opportunity to speak with someone about the Lord Jesus Christ, be sure to do the following things:

  • Pray about what to say and when to say it – Neh 2:4
  • If you don’t know the person, introduce yourself and pay attention to his name when he introduces himself – it is important to know his name and to use it while witnessing to him – Prov 22:1
  • Be compassionate because he is going through something even though, at first, you don’t know what it is – Ezek 3:15, Heb 4:15
  • State your purpose – Matt 18:11
  • Have a tract or marked New Testament as a gift for him – Prov 18:16
  • Show him what the gift is that you are giving him and how to use it – this will provide an excellent opening for you to witness
  • Respect his time and gauge his interest – if he doesn’t have the time or he is not interested, don’t press it – there may be a better time to return – set up a return visit if you can – a good return visit is better than trampling the harvest
  • If he shows an interest in the gospel, be ready to go as far as leading him to Jesus if he wants to be saved – 1 Pet 3:15
  • As you witness, allow the Holy Spirit to reprove him of sin, righteousness and judgment [Jn 16:8-11] and testify of Jesus Christ [Jn 15:26] – make sure to cover these subjects with him [Acts 24:25] – don’t rush past the Holy Spirit if he hasn’t sufficiently reproved him of one of these or shown him his need of Jesus and the sufficiency of Jesus Christ to meet his need
  • At the appropriate time, ask him how God will judge him to see if he understands his true condition before God – in other words, if he doesn’t “get it” don’t proceed to pray with him to receive Jesus; he’s not ready
  • Listen very carefully as he speaks or responds because what he says will reveal his heart [Matt 12:34] and will reveal those things, if anything, about which the Lord has been dealing with him [Prov 16:1] – listening also shows that you care – Ps 142:4
  • You should respond Biblically to things he says so that the word of God may lead him closer to Jesus or to a better understanding of his need for the Lord – 1 Pet 4:11 – listen carefully to the Holy Spirit to lead you – Matt 10:19-20 – give him a verse, Bible story or illustration that addresses his concern or question
  • While door knocking, pray about where to go and don’t worry if the first few people with whom you deal are not interested; you will usually find someone who is interested down the street – pay attention to the Lord’s direction in your path