Show Yourself Friendly Prov. 18:24

Show Yourself Friendly Prov. 18:24 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We know that Jesus is the friend that sticketh closer than a brother [Prov 18:24].  He is the friend that loveth at all times [Prov 17:17].  Therefore, we must show ourselves friendly.  So, how do you show yourself friendly?  You show yourself friendly by:

Becoming the Lord’s friend – Jn 15:13; Matt 11:19 – we were sinners [Rom 5:8] who became friends of Jesus by receiving him.  He showed himself friendly to us and we responded by becoming his friend.  You show yourself friendly when you get saved and become his friend.

Believing the Lord and doing what he said – Jn 15:14-15; Jas 2:23 – Abraham was the friend of God because he believed God.  We are, likewise, his friends when we believe him and when we do what he says.  You show yourself friendly when you believe and live by his words.

Not befriending the world – Jas 4:4 – there is a stronger and stronger pull by the world on the hearts of Christians.  You show yourself friendly when you can sever your relationships with the world and dedicate yourself completely to the Lord.

Speaking the Lord’s words from a pure heart – Prov 22:11, 17-18 – as the words get in you they should purify your heart.  When they do, they will also change what comes forth from your heart and out of your mouth.  Anyone can repeat the latest news.  But who can knowledgably speak for the Lord in these matters?  You show yourself friendly when your heart becomes pure and your words delight the Lord.

Loving the Lord with all your heart – Song 5:9-16 – in the Song, Solomon’s bride [type of the church] loves Solomon [type of Jesus] more than any other.  She describes him in intimate detail.  Her detailed description of him comes from giving him her undivided attention.  You show yourself to be his friend when you love the Lord with all your heart.

Conclusion: get saved and become the Lord’s friend if you are not already .  If you are saved, then be like Abraham and start believing and living by God’s words.  Sever your ties with the world and dedicate yourself fully to your friendship with the Lord.  Let his words purify your heart and tongue.  And spend time with him so that, by this time next year, you will know him much better than you do today.