Shew Me Thy Ways, Ps 25:4-14

In Ps 25:4-14, David wrote, “Shew me thy ways… teach me thy paths… lead me in thy truth.”  These are the progression that you find in your spiritual growth.  First, the Lord shows you his ways, then he teaches you his paths, then he leads you in his truth.  His truth, of course, is found in your Bible.  If you committed to reading the Bible last year and failed to do it, then resolve to read your Bible daily, this year.  And stick with it.  God doesn’t shew you, teach you and lead you without his Book.  

Now there are some conditions.  Who will the Lord shew, teach and lead?

Those who get saved – Ps 25:5, 7 – God has to be the God of your salvation for him to not remember the sins of your youth.  Once you are saved, then he will teach you.  Ps 25:8 says, “therefore will he teach sinners in the way.”  Thankfully, no matter how badly you sinned, the Lord is willing to teach you in his ways.

Those who wait on God – Ps 25:5 – We must wait on the Lord if we are going to be able to follow his lead.  We must wait for him to shew us, teach us and lead us.  The Dunbars in Brazil waited for 13 years in Green Bay, WI, before the Lord finally led them to Brazil.  The Wells waited in Idaho for nearly 17 years before the Lord led them to PNG.  In each case, the Lord was preparing them for the field.  And they followed and still follow his lead.

Those who obey God’s words – Ps 25:9-10 – the meek are submissively obedient; they keep the Lord’s covenant and testimonies.  The Lord won’t teach you and lead you if you aren’t going to obey what he is showing you to do.  

Those who confess their sins – Ps 25:11 – David said, “pardon mine iniquity; for it is great.”  When you get saved, there are some sins you deal with immediately.  But after you get saved, the Lord will show you some sins in your life of which you weren’t initially aware, as in Ps 19:12-13.  When he shows you, you should confess those sins to him and then change from your ways to his ways.  Holiness and sanctification are definitely a necessary part of your spiritual growth.

Those who fear the Lord – Ps 25:12-14 – the fear of the Lord is wonderful because it leads you to obey the Lord at all times, whether you are aware that he is looking or not.  You have such an awe of his power, glory, holiness, perfection, goodness, authority, etc., that you willingly obey him at all times.  This is not a fear of negative consequences; this is a fear of God.  When the Lord knows you fear him, he will shew you, teach, you and lead you.