Shall Be Destroyed, 1 Cor 15:26



1 Cor 15:26 says, “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.”  The future destruction of death is as certain as the day.  Death will be destroyed.  There is no doubt about it.  But notice the long-suffering of God.  Death entered the world when Adam sinned, Rom 5:12.  That’s been more than 6,000 years ago.  If the rapture happened now and the Tribulation immediately followed, the destruction of death will take place more than 1,000 years from now.  God’s been putting up with death for a very long time.  And death has certainly taken a toll on his creation and on his own Son and on us, his children.  

As certain as we are about the future destruction of death, we can be sure about others things that shall be destroyed.

Christ rejectors shall be destroyed – Acts 3:23 – “Every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed.”  This is the rejection of Jesus Christ.  We know that every soul who rejects Jesus Christ as his or her Savior winds up in the lake of fire.  We are sure of their future destruction.  And so we continually preach the gospel and salvation through Jesus Christ.  Their future destruction is still a long time off, and so men are persuaded to reject Jesus because their damnation is not immediate.

Bible despisers shall be destroyed – Prov 13:13 – “Whoso despiseth the word shall be destroyed.”  To despise the word of God is to hate it and to run contrary to it.  We know that this ends in destruction.  Everyone who has ever tried it knows it to be so. And yet we live in a society that despises the words of God. The destruction is coming, though it has been long overdue.

A companion of fools shall be destroyed – Prov 13:20 – as true as the first two points are, we know this to be true.  That’s why we encourage each other and our young people to walk with wise men.  Yet, some of you continue to be companions of fools.  And because you haven’t suffered any consequence from being companions of fools you think you’re getting away with something.  You’re not.  

Transgressors shall be destroyed – Ps 37:38 – we know that one day there will be no more transgressors in the earth.  Jesus will clean house.  There will be only righteousness in the earth.  Nevertheless, that day is still a long way off.  And so we continue to see a rise in the numbers of transgressors.  But why will you persist in transgressing the Lord?

Conclusion: if you’re not saved, you must trust the Lord Jesus Christ to keep from being destroyed.  He died for you.  If you are saved, you should examine your heart tonight and stop the transgression that you know God is dealing with you to stop.  If he’s going to destroy transgressors for doing the same thing that you’re doing now, you know for sure that it’s time to stop.  Repent and give this thing over to God.