The Biblical doctrine of Separation is probably one of the most important doctrines for a Christian. The God we serve is not tolerant of any form of sin, so why would he allow us to be? Our Father expects us to be holy just as he is holy [1Pet.1:15-16]. Our connection with sin and ungodliness must affect our fellowship with God. Separation from, and not connection to, is the only way to possible to please God. Let us look at a few Biblical commands as pertains to separation.

Separate from False Teachers   (Non-believers)

            [2Pet.2:1-2] Peter says that they are among us! Radio, Television, internet, and in your church! [Lk.10:3] [Acts 20:29] Be careful. [Gal.1:6-10] They fell for another Gospel, [2Cor.11:4] Mormons, JW’s etc. [2Cor.6:14-18] Fellowship, Communion, Concord, Agreement with God

Separate from Worldliness  (places, people, and things)

            [1Jn.2:15-16] Love not the World, [James 4:4] Enemy of God! [Tim.3:4] You become a lover of pleasures more than a lover of God. [Col.3:1-3] Your Affections should be above!

Separate from Wayward Brethren (may be a close friend or family member)

            [2Thes.3:6-7] 11 & 14-15  A very hard thing to do, They will pull you down [1Cor.5:6-13] You are not to keep company with them.

Keys to Biblical Separation:

  1. Separation must be based on the Word of God [Neh.13:3] You have the word of God to define good and evil, and the Holy Spirit to guide you unto all truth, [Jn.16:13]
  2. Separation must be from something and to something else [Rom.1:1]If the void is not filled with something good, you will return to old ways [Luke 11:24-26] Empty spaces will be filled.
  3. Separation must have a purpose or goal that Glorifies God [Acts 13:2]Some people don’t come to church because they say that they are separating from hypocrites. Not coming to church does not please or glorify God.
  4. Separation will cause others to separate from you [Lk.6:22] You won’t need to worry about how to lose sinful friends, they will lose you.