Seeing the Hand of God in Your Life

Seeing Hand of God in Your Life



Seeing the Hand of God in your life can be such a blessing. Most of us actually see little or nothing of the work of God in our lives. What are the things that hamper or blind our eyes?


[1 Pet.5:6] You must Remove Yourself

  • The Lord manages to get things accomplished in spite of us. We usually are a hindrance to the work of God, when we could just get out of the way and really be a help. Many people enter the Lord’s harvest and trample the crop instead of planting, watering, and harvesting.
  • [Jn.15:5] “without me ye can do nothing”, is a point of humility that you need to strive for and get there asap.
  • In our port ministry, I have reached this valuable place. Humility and knowing that this is His work, has allowed me to see His hand in that ministry. The more I remove myself from the work, the more I begin to see His Hand at work!


[Luke 5:26] You must be Looking to Glorify God

  • If you start each day with the purpose to Glorify God and not yourself, you too will see some strange things!
  • Any time you purposely seek things that Glorify God, you are exactly where God wants you, and He is able to make things happen.
  • [Prov.25:27] God wants no part in you seeking your own glory! Search out His Glory!
  • [Ps.50:15] He requires that He gets Glory


[1 Sam. 12:15] You must then be Obedient

  • Most of us can see God’s hand in the life of someone who is disobedient, [Prov.13:15 & 21]
  • In the Old Testament, a man’s righteousness was clearly seen in the physical blessings God gave him, [Matt. 19:23-26] The disciples could not understand because wealth equaled righteousness. Back then Blessings were the product of obedience. The Lord desires to accomplish wonderful things through you, you just need to be obedient so the door will open to see His hand.
  • When we board a ship to tell men about Jesus, my part is to be a vessel meet for the master’s use, [2 Tim.2:21]. I am to simply be obedient to go do His work. By being obedient I am able to see the hand of God work in the hearts and minds of those men, and know without a doubt that it is God doing all of it.


Do you want to see the Hand of God working in your life? Humble yourself, in everything seek that God gets ALL of the glory, and be obedient. God will not only be able to get His will done, but you will be able to see it!