Seducers Shall Wax Worse, 2 Tim 3:13

Just as Moses had to contend with Jannes and Jambres in Egypt, so we have to contend with seducers in these last days.  To seduce is to persuade into disobedience or to entice astray in action or belief.  Seducers are the people who persuade you to disobey and entice you to go astray from what you know is true and right.  Who are the seducers? 

Rulers 2 Ki 21:1-9.  Manasseh, king of Judah, seduced the people in Judah to do worse than did the heathen whom the Lord cast before them.  Those in positions of authority can seduce people through changes in the law that legalize sin clearly forbidden in the Bible.  These laws also govern education, which can often lead to seduction of a young generation.  The result is cultural pressure to conform to accepted sins and disobey God.

Preachers Ezekiel 13:1-16.  The prophets seduced the people with the false hope of peace.  The people needed to get right with God.  And they were talked out of getting right by the prophets who promised them peace.  Women prophetesses, as Jezebel in Rev 2:20, further seduce the people to fornicate and worship idols.  In the Tribulation, these folks will use signs and wonders to seduce the people, Mk 13:22.  And they will be real signs and wonders performed by people who are not God’s people, Matt 7:21-23.

Spirits 1 Tim 4:1.  These spirits are connected to Jas 3:15, where you find earthly, sensual, and devilish wisdom.  People who follow these spirits think they are right because hat they’re doing feels right.  But they’re wrong.  These are spiritual influences that cause people to go astray and believe a lie.

Neighbors Prov 12:26.  This is what we commonly call peer pressure.  The kids see their friends doing things that they can’t do and so they envy sinners.  They are seduced by the their friends.  How many of us recall the friends who helped us get into the trouble we got into as children.

Conclusion: the way to keep from being seduced by seducers is to stay in your Bible, believe what you’re reading, and live by it.  Be very careful in these times.  Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s right.  Don’t depart from the commands of God.  Watch out for preachers whose preaching doesn’t line up with the Bible.  Be very careful not to be influenced by the sensual spirits of this age.  And pick your friends very carefully.  The wrong friends can destroy your life.