Saul’s Sons, 1 Sam 14:49

1 Sam 14:49 Saul’s Sons CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This lesson is about Saul’s sons.  Saul had more than the three sons that are named here.  He had:

Jonathan – 1 Sam 31:2, 1 Chr 10:2

Ishui – also called Abinadab 1 Chr 8:33,9:39

Melchishua – 1 Sam 31:2

Ishbosheth – 2 Sam 2:8-10 who was also call Eshbaal [probably due to the rise of Baal worship inIsrael – notice that Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth was also called Meribaal

In addition to these 4 sons he also had 2 sons by a concubine named Rizpah – they were Armoni and Mephiboseth, 2 Sam 21:8

If anyone ever asks you who the second king of Israel was as a trick question, you can answer “Ishbosheth” because even though he was not chosen by God, he was in fact the second king for a period of time while David ruled in Hebron