Introduction:   Heb. 12:14 (Holiness) Very important subject.  

                          Some things that change when you get saved:

1)    Regeneration – your nature is changed

              Born again Jn. 3:3

              New Creature II Cor. 5:17

2)    Justification  –   your standing is changed

              Standing- Refers to your position in

                            Christ (before salvation- Eph.2:12-13)

              State – Your Spiritual Condition

                            I Cor. 1:1-9 their Standing

                            I Cor. 1:11, 3:1-3, 5:1-2 State

3)    Adoption –  your position is changed

                         Legal- The placing of a son

                         You get all the advantages of

                         any natural born son – an heir.

                         Romans 8:15-17 – Now

                         Romans 8:23 – Future

4)    Sanctification – your character is changed  

The Meaning:  It is the work of the Holy Spirit.

                          Sanctification and Holiness are the same.

                          The basic meaning is separation.

                          The Bible meaning is to be set apart:

1)    by God

2)    for God

3)    from Sin

4)    Unto a holy life.   Just like: Heb. 12:14

                           II Tim. 2:19-21   – example, sanctified

                           The Bible speaks of sanctifying –Tabernacle…

                           Ex. 40:9-11; Num. 8:17  

                           For Believers, a twofold meaning:

1)    Separation from evil  II Chr. 29:5, 15-18

2)    Separation unto God  Lev. 27:16  

The Author:     The Trinity

1)    By God     I Thes. 5:23-24

2)    By God the Son     Eph. 5:26 ( He-Christ, verse 25)

3)    By God the Holy Spirit    II Thes. 2:13  

The Means:       1) By the Word of God    John 17:17

                                      The word of God   II Tim. 4:1-5

                           2) By the Blood     Heb. 13:12

3)    By chastisement     Heb. 12:6-11

4)    By yielding to God      Rom. 6:19

5)    By ourselves      II Cor. 7:1   

The Timing of:  1) Instantaneous    I Cor. 6:9-11

                            2) Progressive    Jas. 1:22-25

                                            The word is a mirror that shows you

                                             your need to change.

                            3) Complete and Final    I Thes. 5:23    

The Results:    1) Past– Heb. 10:10, 14    1 Cor.6:11

                                          We are perfect in God’s eyes,

                                          We have Jesus Christ’s Righteousness          

                          2) Present– Rom. 6:22

                                           Fruit unto Holiness

                                           Service to Sin = Death (next verse)

                                           Service to God = Holiness

                                           Your life is better now because of

                                           your Separation/ Sanctification

3)    Future– Romans 8:29

                 Conformed to the image of his Son.