Ruth’s Disadvantages

In this sermon we see how Ruth overcame her disadvantages to receive blessings from the Lord.  In her move toward the Lord, she received small advantages that encouraged her in her life.  She eventually enjoyed the benefits that Israel had in their relationship with God.

Ruth’s National Disadvantage.  She was a Moabite.  See Deut 23:3-6.  She was like the Syrophonecian woman in Matt 15.  Nevertheless, because she had married a man from Israel she could return with the mother in law.

Ruth’s Familial Disadvantage.  She married into the family of a man moving away from God.  She became a widow.  Her mother in law was a widow.  Her sister in law was inclined to stay in Moab.  Her mother in law was bitter.  Nevertheless, she had a good family in Israel and a near kin that she didn’t know about.

Ruth’s Religious Disadvantage.  She and her family worshipped the false gods of Moab, Ruth 1:15.  Nevertheless, she had a mother in law whose God is the Lord.  And her mother in law was moving ever so slowly back in the right direction toward God.

Ruth’s Economic Disadvantages.  Her mother in law was broke and so was she.  She had to glean after the harvesters in the barley harvest just to get a little something to eat.  Nevertheless, she found favor with Boaz who provided her daily necessity and gave her handfuls of purpose, Ruth 2:14-16.

Ruth’s Racial Disadvantage.  She was like the Samaritans, she was a stranger, Ruth 2:10-12. Nevertheless, she remained a virtuous woman, Ruth 3:1.

Despite all these disadvantages, Ruth could trust God and she trusted God, Ruth 1:16, 2:12.  She never played the victim.  She took whatever little advantage she was afforded and followed the Lord in each little step along the way.

Conclusion: No matter your disadvantages in life, don’t quit.  Keep moving toward God, and don’t play the victim hoping some benefactor or agency will have pity on you.