Responses to King Jesus Ps 2:1-12

Responses to King Jesus Ps. 2: 1-12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

God used over 40 men to pen the words of the Bible, but he is the sole author.  Talking to Don Frisinger, he was amazed that verses from different parts of the Bible tied together to perfectly and clearly explain any doctrine.  We call this cross referencing scripture with scripture [1 Cor 2:13].  And the reason that the Bible ties together so neatly is that it only has one author.

When you read the Bible, you often learn something about the passage you’re reading by coupling it with another passage in the Bible that you have read.  For instance, when you read about Moses’ death in Deut 34:6, the verse says, “but no man knoweth of his sepulcher unto this day.”  Can you imagine Israel not knowing where a man, as famous as Moses, is buried.  Yet, not until you read the second to the last book in the Bible, the book of Jude, do you find out why they never found his grave.  Michael the archangel took Moses’ body after he was buried [Jude 9].  And knowing that Michael took him to heaven helps you to understand how Moses was able to appear with Jesus and Elijah on the mount of transfiguration in Matt 17.  And knowing the Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus in Matt 17, when the disciples saw “the Son of man coming in his kingdom,” [Matt 16:28], helps you to understand that Moses and Elijah are, therefore, the two witnesses in Rev 11.  How wonderfully and perfectly this whole Bible fits together as one.

Applying this principle of cross referencing scripture with scripture in Psalm 2, helps us to glean some very important lessons from this passage.  Read the passage and notice what God has done in Ps 2:6-7.  He made a choice that his only begotten Son is the king.  He is the Lord.  And look what happens as a result of his choice.  Look at the responses to King Jesus.

How do men respond to God’s choice of Jesus as King?

The tendency of men is to oppose the gospel – Ps 2:1-2 – Acts 4:25-27 [David penned this Psalm] Jesus came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel and their rulers raged against him.  Prague, 1964, personally reject the gospel either in a rage [hulk] or with their vain imaginations [that the Bible is fiction and a religion used to control people]

The tendency of men is to twist the gospel – Ps 2:3 – compare Hos 11:1-4. What God offers as liberty men view as bondage.  Truth shall make you free.  Son shall make you free.  Men regard serving righteousness as bondage and serving sin as liberty.  Men regard Jesus as restrictive… now I can’t [whatever].

How does God respond to their rejection of Jesus as King?

The response of God is laughter – Ps 2:4 – see Prov 1:24-33.  They come up with their theories like evolution or their philosophies like new age and the Lord just laughs at them.

The response of God will be wrath – Ps 2:5, 2:9 – depart from me ye cursed.  He will destroy the nations with a rod of iron [Rev 19].  If they don’t like his choice, he just destroys them.

How should we, as Christians, respond to Jesus as King?  Because we have agreed with God’s choice.

We should pray for the heathen – Ps 2:8 – “ask of me.” Jesus intercedes for them Heb 7:25.

We should preach to the heathen – Ps 2:11; Acts 4:29-33 – we should not shy away from their threatenings; we know they are opposed.  We should, rather, fear the Lord and rejoice with trembling.  People still get saved when they hear the gospel.  Jesus intercedes to save to the uttermost and the Spirit of God gives us power to witness to the uttermost [Acts 1:8] and God gives “the uttermost,” [Ps 2:8].  We go to the uttermost through the Port, radio, internet, missions [give, pray and go] and our personal witness.

If you aren’t saved, how should you respond to God’s choice of Jesus as King?

You should put your trust in him – Ps 2:12.  Rom 10:9-10, 13

Conclusion: don’t go along with the rage of the world.  Don’t be afraid of the rage of the world.  Take their threatenings like the apostles did and pray for them and tell them.  And if you aren’t saved, now is the day to trust him.