Replacing God With Government

Replacing God With Government Romans 13: 1-7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There is a move in our country to replace God with government.  Every time that a country attempts replacing God with government, it always follows the same pattern and meets with the same disastrous results.  Here’s why.

Governments are ordained by God – Rom 13:1-4 – and therefore they are to be subject unto God – the heart of kings is in the hand of the Lord – he puts down one king and sets up another, even wicked ones – Rom 9:17 says about the Pharaoh who enslaved the Jews, “even for this cause have I raised thee up” – and yet Peter said, “Honour the king,” 1 Pet 2:17.

Governments are primarily for judgment and defense – Rom 13:1-7 – when you search the Old Testament, nations had to judge civil and criminal matters and they had to raise armies to protect themselves and their citizens.

As Governments become less reliant upon God:

Judgment becomes corrupted – Pilate ordered Jesus killed even though he knew he was an innocent man – in theUSA innocent babies are killed by the millions based on the corrupt judgment of judges – God is illegal in public schools and courts because of the corrupt judgment of judges.

Defense becomes political – Israel made alliances with her enemies and became reliant upon her alliances with other nations rather than with God – in time God no longer protected them and called for them to look to their enemies with whom they had made alliances for protection – they were destroyed by the Assyrians and the Chaldeans – in the USA we have made similar political, and consequently faulty, alliances.

Governments become expansive – the government has to step in where it has pushed out God – however, the government does not have the power and resources God has and so it fails to deliver after it has gained all of the control – in the USA the government controls commerce, communication, agriculture, education, transportation, trade, construction, medicine, etc – it attempts to provide welfare, medical care, retirement benefits, etc but with its limited resources it goes bankrupt.

As Governments expand God is replaced with man – the Egyptians said to Joseph after the famine, “Thou hast saved our lives,” Gen 47:25 – the Pharaoh that enslaved the Jews, who was raised up by the Lord, said, “Who is the Lord … I know not the Lord,” Ex 5:2 – Nebuchadnezzar, who destroyed Judah and Jerusalem, who was the servant of the Lord [Jer 25:9] went from being honored as the king to being worshipped [Dan 3] – at the trial of Jesus the Jews said, “we have no king but Caesar,” – the antichrist shows himself the he is God [2 Thes 2] – God is replaced by men.

And when God is replaced by man:

The liberty goes – you get enslaved

The mind goes – people can’t think straight with a reprobate mind [Rom 1]

The morals go – men without God end up in the sewer [Rom 1, 2 Tim 3]

The people go – genocide, the government can’t feed everybody – Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Idi Amin, the Antichrist [Rev 13] – they oppress the poor on whose backs they rise to power.


This is what you are getting ready to see inAmerica. And the best thing you can do is stay close to the Lord. In the midst of the famine inEgyptand in the midst of a heathen nation, God’s people were cared for by Joseph, the greatest type of Christ in the Bible.  Upon whom are you going to rely? God or the government?  If God, then come to Jesus.  If the government, then get ready to really suffer at the hand of man.