Reaching Lost Acquaintances Mk 5:19

Reaching Lost Acquaintances Mk 5:19 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We all have lost acquaintances, whether they are family, neighbors, co-workers or the like.  And we all have a desire to reach them with the gospel.  So, here is the way, I believe, that the Lord would have us, as members of BBBC, to reach them.  We can reach our lost acquaintances through:

Productive prayer – Jas 5:16 – the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.  This prayer might even involve fasting [Matt 17:21].  Prayer accomplishes so much in our lives and in the ives of those for whom we pray.  It is especially valuable in divine appointments.

Powerful testimony – Mk 5:15 – the man in the Gadarenes who had been demon possessed was noticeably changed after the Lord dealt with him.  He was “sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind.”  And that caused the people to be afraid.  After our salvation, our lives should have begun to change.  If you live one life among your friends at church and another life among your friends and family away from church, then your testimony won’t match your witness.  Your effectiveness in reaching lost acquaintances will be diminished.

Personal witness – Mk 5:15 – praying and just being a good testimony aren’t enough.  You have to “tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee.”  You have to get a Bible opened in front of them.  And we can and should all do this.  The reason men and women were committed to prison when Saul made havoc of the church is that they were all preaching the word [Acts 8:3-4].  If you find this difficult to do, them remember to get a partner’s help.  Jesus sent them out two by two.  One of the pastors or our wives or some other friend in the church will be happy to assist you.

Pastoral care – 1 The 2:7-12 – it isn’t god enough to just “win” them and leave them.  They should be cared for like a nurse cherisheth her children and like a father charges his children.  This is a matter of spending time with them, building relationships with them and discipling them.  Reaching lost acquaintances is not just the job of the pastor; it is an extension of the pastor’s ministry.  The men who helped with the tables in Acts 6:1-4 were an extension of the apostles’ ministry.

Conclusion: the beauty of reaching lost acquaintances through this means is that it is not a “program” and it is not a special emphasis day.  It is a way of life and involves us ministering with each other to reach those we already know.  We will have to opportunity to repeatedly and gradually witness to them.  And when some of them receive Christ they will already have a connection to the church and to the ministry.