Put Them In Remembrance II Tim. 2: 8-14

Put Them In Remembrance II Tim. 2: 8-14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Paul preached the gospel and endured the suffering that he endured for the elect’s sakes.  When he wrote Timothy, he told him to put those to whom he ministered in remembrance of some things.  Put them in remembrance of:

My gospel – 2 Tim 2:8 – Paul’s gospel [1 Cor 15:3-4] emphasized the resurrection of Jesus Christ and imputed righteousness through faith in Jesus Christ without the works of the law [Rom 4:3-6; Gal 2:16]. Others preached another gospel which included the works of the law [Gal 1:6-8; Acts 15:1-5].  Paul calls it his gospel because it was given to him by God through revelation [Gal 1:11-12; Rom 2:16].

My suffering – 2 Tim 2:9 – Paul suffered trouble as if he were an evildoer [2 Cor 11:23-27].  He was imprisoned like a criminal.  But when they locked him up they couldn’t lock up the words of God.  They are not bound [Phil 1:12-18].  Every attempt that has been made to stop the publication and preaching of the word of God has failed [Acts 5:38-39; 8:3-4; Rom 10:18].

My endurance – 2 Tim 2:10 – Paul endured all that suffering for us who are saved [the elect].  We are not elect because of predestination; we are elect because of faith in Jesus Christ [see the study on election from Rom 9].  Every person who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ gets elected.  Paul wanted us to obtain the salvation that is in Jesus with eternal glory.  The emphasis is on eternal glory.  In other words, he not only wanted us to be saved but he also wanted us to obtain the eternal glory of our salvation, which is life here and a reign hereafter.

Their eternal life – 2 Tim 2:11 – you don’t really begin to live until you reckon yourself to be dead in Christ [Rom 6:3-12; Gal 2:20].  Doctrinally, when you get saved, you are dead in Christ.  Practically speaking, though, if you don’t die with Christ, you don’t really appropriate his life.  That’s why Paul said “If” we be dead with him.  The abundant life promised by Christ [Jn 10:10] is conditioned upon taking up our cross and denying ourselves in death [Mk 8:34-38].  That’s why Paul said, “I die daily,” [1 Cor 15:31].

Their reign – 2 Tim 2:12 – our reign with Christ is conditional. We must suffer with him to reign with him [Rom 8:17-18; Lk 19:12-27; Rev 5:9-10].  If we deny him down here now, he will deny us a reign with him later.  People try to make this verse teach that you can lose your salvation; that Christ will literally deny you.  However, that won’t fit the context; look at the next verse.

Their eternal security – 2 Tim 2:13 – there are some folks who have been saved who no longer believe.  The Lord Jesus Christ is faithful.  If you are saved he is in you and he cannot deny himself [2 Tim 2:19; 1 Jn 3:19-21].  Once you have been born again, you can’t be unborn.

Their charge – 2 Tim 2:14 – not to strive about words to no profit.  Those who will strive with you intend to subvert you.  To subvert means to overthrow or destroy; to undermine or corrupt you [2 Cor 11:3; Gal 3:1; 6:12-13].

Conclusion: Paul suffered many things to get the pure gospel to us.  If we stand with his pure gospel, we are going to suffer, as well.  However, in the loss of our life, we find his life.  And in suffering for him, we find our reign.