Publication and Proclamation, Ps 68:11

Publication and Proclamation

On Wednesday nights recently we have preached on prayer and praise. Tonight we’ll discuss publication and proclamation.  Publication and proclamation are done through passing out literature (tracts and New Testaments) and telling others about Jesus (either preaching or witnessing).

In Ps 68:11 notice these truths.

The words of God.  “The Lord gave the word”.  These are God’s words.  So, when we have the opportunity to speak with people about the Lord, we want to give them God’s words.  1 Pet 1:23 born again by the word of God.  Jas 1:21 the engrafted word which is able to save your souls.

The great company.  “Great was the company”.  That’s not just the preachers.  Look at Acts 8:3-4.  Men and women went every where preaching the word.  This is why the company is so great.

How did Jesus send his own disciples?  By two and two.  So, when you’re trying to reach someone with the gospel, get someone to help you.  This idea of having lunch together or meeting together works.  Recently, I have had lunch with two of our members and people they are witnessing to.  The Lord has blessed the publication and proclamation of the words of God in this manner.

The publication and proclamation of God’s words.  “Of those that published it”.  Tracts and New Testaments are the publication of God’s words.  And we should hand them out every where we go.  Witnessing is our proclamation of God’s words.  Like Joel Haynes once preached here, “We ought to witness when we go and we ought to go witnessing”.

Conclusion: Make it a point to regularly publish the word.  And get help from a preacher here if you are concerned that you can’t get the job done without someone to help you.  In this way we can join the great company that has been involved in the publication and proclamation of the words of God.