Prudent in matters

Prudent in matters

1 Sam.16:18


Being prudent is simply thinking before you do. Wise forethought in determining any line of conduct is a definition you will find in the dictionary. Let’s look at the Bible and see what it says about it.


[Prov.18:15] A prudent man gets knowledge

Knowledge is a foundational part of prudence. Your ability to have wise forethought about any choice you are about to make depends greatly on your knowledge of all the circumstance.

[Prov.15:5] Knowledge comes by instruction, and some of that instruction is reproof, or correction. The Bible says to regard it, or accept it. [Prov.13:18] It will be good for you.



[Prov.12:23] A prudent man keeps knowledge

Wise forethought will control your mouth. A fool opens his mouth and proves to all that he is a fool.

[Prov.12:16] Have you ever wanted to take back something that you said?



[Prov.13:16] A prudent man uses Knowledge

The verse says he dealeth with knowledge. This means that every choice that a prudent man makes is based on knowledge. Of course, we sometimes don’t have the knowledge needed to make a wise choice. That is why we seek wise counsel.

[Prov.14:15] He checks things out before he falls for something bad. [Acts 17:11] the Berean’s checked the things they heard by the scriptures.

[Prov.22:3] Using the knowledge available to you will help you foresee evil



[Prov.14:18] A prudent man is blessed by knowledge

He is crowned with knowledge, it’s a blessing and the simple inherit folly

[Prov.19:14] An example of a prudent man’s inheritance. A prudent wife is from the Lord, you can’t make anyone prudent, but yourself.