Problem Solving Part Three – Implementation

Problem Solving

Part Three – Implementation

2 Cor.8:11

Implementation is the “doing of it”. So far in the process of problem solving we have, identified the problem and have took some time in consideration of the problem. Implementation is where we start toward the solving or end of the problem.

YOU must take the first step! Then God will help you along. [Phil. 4:13]

You need God’s help, if you could fix it yourself, you would have already!


If the problem is Sin, Confess it and repent. [1 Jn.1:9] [Prov.28:13]

Then God will help with the cleanup, and apply the needed mercy.


One problem at a time [Acts 2:46] singleness of heart

Focus (Example of dove hunting and not picking out just one bird out of the group to shoot at, you will miss all of them.) Not a good time to multitask.


Take Small Steps

Must walk before you can run. Eventually the small steps will get you victory, “How do you eat an elephant?”, “How do you climb Mount Everest?”


Celebrate every Small Victory [Phil 4:6] Thanksgiving

[Eph.5:20] always for all things                                                                                                                                   [1 Thes. 5:18] In everything


Constantly review where you have been and where you were headed. Don’t forget the bad!

The farther away you get from a past problem, the less you remember how bad it was. Time and    distance cleanse the memory, some things you really need to remember! [Num.10:L10] Memorials, still used today lest we forget.

How to Solve a Problem?             Identification – Identify the real problem

Consideration – consider all the cost

Implementation – Take small steps that God can bless and get it done.