Pride Leads To Destruction

Pride Leads To Destruction

Proverbs 15:25

The verse clearly states that “The Lord will destroy the house of the proud”.  Pride leads to destruction. Pride goeth before destruction [Prov.16:18] and [Prov.18:12]. We are going to look at some kings in the Bible and see how pride affected them. When the bible uses the phrase       “he lifted up his heart”, it means that he has put his affections on something. Let us look at five examples and see how pride affected some kings.

Five Kings That Lifted Up Their Hearts

UZZIAH – 2Chron.26:16

  • Verses 3-5, Started at 16 years old and did that which was right in the sight of the Lord.
  • Verses 6-8, did the work of a king; God helped him, and strengthened him.
  • Verses 9-15, Became very strong and powerful.
  • Verse 16, He lifted up his heart; the source of his pride was his STRENGTH.
  • Are you strong in anything? Abilities, jobs, birth order, rank, wealth, income, social status, success, all come from God. Uzziah thought he was a “somebody”[Gal.6:3]
  • [Prov.20:29] It’s the glory of young men.
  • Verse 16-18, Pride caused him to disobey God. [ Burn incense, Num.16:39-40&18:7]
  • Verses 19-21, made a leper and house destroyed.

HEZEKIAH – 2Chron.32:25

  • 2Chron.29:1-2, began to reign at 25, did that which was right in the sight of the Lord.
  •  He cleaned up the house of the Lord, got the vessels and priest back in order, held the Passover, and did everything right. He was threatened by Sennacherib, brought it to the Lord, and the lord sent an angel [2Chron.32:21-22] and delivered him.
  • He fell sick unto death, verse 24. [2Kings 20] God healed him and gave him 15 years more life.
  • Verse 25, he lifted up his heart; God gave him wealth, health, and life and he took God for granted.
  • [Gen.2:7] God gave you the breath of life; don’t ever take health and life for granted.
  • God destroyed his house through his son Manasseh.


  • Pride will affect your MIND.
  • Verse 18, God had given him a kingdom, majesty, glory and honour.
  • Verse 20, his mind was hardened in pride.
  • You can get too smart for God. That is a very bad place to be.
  • Daniel interpreted a dream for him in Chapter 4, and in verse 28-33 God destroyed his house. Verses 34-37, he had time to clear his mind and get right with God.

SATAN – Eze.28:17

  • His BEAUTY caused his heart to be lifted up.
  • Personal appearance, kids, family, wife, house, possessions can cause pride to rule.
  • Satan tried to be God, [Isa.14:12-14]
  • [Isa.14:15] His house will be destroyed.

JEHOSAPHAT – 2Chron.17:6

  • Verse 6, the ways of the Lord, Be proud of God, brag on Him.
  • Verses 3-4, He obeyed God
  • Verse 6, He humbled himself before God
  • Verses 7-9, His testimony showed his need for God.


Be careful that your strength, your health, your mind, or your beauty doesn’t cause you to lift your heart up and be destroyed. Lift your heart up in the ways of the Lord and brag on him. John 3:30, “he must increase, but I must decrease”.