Prepare to Meet Thy God Amos 4 :12

Prepare to Meet Thy God Amos 4 :12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We know that we are to take no thought for the morrow [Matt 6:34] and that we are not to boast of tomorrow [Prov 27:1].  However, if we live till tomorrow then we must remember that what ever we do today is going to affect tomorrow when it comes.  As Bob Jones, Sr. said, “The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to do what you ought to do today.”

In fact, the Lord has prepared some things for us. He has prepared an inheritance [Matt 25:41] and he has prepared a place for us [Jn 14:2-3].  So, it is appropriate for us to prepare.

David prepared for the holy house – 1 Chr 29:2-3 – David and Israel gave abundantly of gold, silver, brass, iron, etc. for the building of the temple.  Because of their preparations Solomon was able to build a magnificent house for the Lord.  Likewise, our church has benefited from the diligent preparations for the buildings we have here.  We could not have built these debt-free if it had not been for making preparations.

Armies prepare for war – Joel 3:9 – There is no way to go into battle and win without making proper preparations.  Men must be trained, supplies must be obtained, ammunition must be manufactured, weapons must be procured, etc.  For the Normandy invasion, this task of preparation took years and without those preparations, the endeavor would have failed.  We must always remember Prov 21:31, though, “… safety is of the Lord.”

Ants prepare their meat – Prov 30:25 – Ants are commended to us because they work in the summer to not only feed the colony but to lay up store for the months in which they cannot gather.  They prepare.  Likewise, we must not forget that should we live past today, preparations need to be made for how we are going to live tomorrow.  Some men in the ministry didn’t prepare for retirement.  They have now lived beyond their effective years of ministry and have no means of support for themselves or their spouses.  While we must give generously to the Lord, we cannot spend all that’s left.  Something needs to be saved to prepare for life tomorrow.

Vessels are prepared for the Lord’s work – 2 Tim 2:21 – Every decision you make and every action you take today is going to affect you down the road.  In order to be a vessel of honor for the Lord tomorrow, you must not stray and dishonor him today.  Many men detoured from the path of righteousness for a while only to find that they are paying the price today for their neglect and failure to prepare yesterday.  If you have desires for the ministry then you must prepare.  As we have heard before, “The call to preach is a call to prepare.”  Honorable service requires preparation.

You must prepare to meet your God – Amos 4:12 – Men prepare for death by purchasing life insurance, making pre-need funeral arrangements, preparing wills, creating trusts, etc.  But many do not prepare for life after death.  You must prepare to meet thy God.  The way to prepare is to put all of your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Then you will be able to spend eternity with him rather than in hell.