Prayer Changes Things

Prayer Changes Things

James 4:2 “…..yet ye have not, because ye ask not.”

The biggest problem with our prayer life is “WE ASK NOT”. Many times the reason for this is that we think God won’t give us what we ask for. We think that God has his own will and whatever he has already decided is going to happen and our prayers don’t change anything. Let’s look in the Bible and see some places where prayer changed things.

Exodus 32:1-14

While Moses is delayed on the mount with God, the children of Israel under the leadership of Aaron build a molten calf and begin to worship it. God is angered and in verse 10, tells Moses that he is going to consume them and make a great nation of Moses instead. Moses basically talks God out of it, and in verse 14 God changes his mind.  Prayer changed the will of God. What would have happened if Moses would have remained quiet? We always need to pray!

1 Samuel 23:1-13

David asks God to tell him what was going to happen. God clearly explains to David what will happen if he goes to Keilah and fights, and it happens just as God said. God also tells David what will happen if he stays there, and that Saul is going to come there. David, by communicating with God decides to leave and thus changing the will of God.

2 Kings 20:1-7

Hezekiah was sick unto death. God sends Isaiah to tell him that he is going to die. Hezekiah prays unto God and changes God’s will and receives another fifteen years of life. Prayer changed things.

God also says “NO” sometimes

Deu. 3:23-26   No to Moses

2 Samuel 12:13-23      No to David

2 Cor. 12:1-10       No to Paul

We have not because we ask not. We need to ask God and believe that he loves us so much that he will move and change things to  answer our prayers, but when He says NO, He means NO.