Pastor Rick Sowell – What Manner of Love

Pastor Rick Sowell preached on love from 1 Jn 3:1 and several other passages in 1 John.  Love is the great need in marriage relationships, family relationships, and church relationships.  The manner of love in these relationships should be the love of Jesus Christ.  Perfect love is in Jesus.  Below is a very brief outline of his sermon.  The love of Jesus is:

Without condition – the Lord saved us out of a horrible pit and seated us in him in heavenly places.  Certainly our love should be similar in that no matter where the other person is, we love them.  

Sacrificial – Jesus paid the ultimate price for our souls.  Likewise, we should be willing to sacrifice for the person we love.  

Expressive – The love of Jesus is proven by his actions.  Our love should, likewise, be expressed.

Patient – the Lord has been extremely long-suffering with us.  Likewise, we should be patient with those we love.  Our love for them should grow sweeter with time.

Conclusion: we will have the greatest affect on each other when we love others the way that Christ loves us.  And we will have the greatest affect on our community when we love lost souls the way that God loves them.