Pastor Rick Sowell – “How Do I Know Whom to Marry?”

Pastor Rick Sowell preached on the 5 F’s, even though two of his points start with “Ph.”  These have to do with finding the right mate from Proverbs 18:22 and Matthew 19:5. Today, too many people marry “looks.”  And if the marriage doesn’t work out, then they divorce to “fix it.”

The question is, “How do I know whom to marry?”  

Faith – Christians should marry Christians of like faith. It’s not enough that they testify to being saved. They should be a Bible believer. They should have a good testimony. They should have a solid relationship with Jesus Christ.

Family – Family background creates tendencies. How you deal with things will often be how you’ve seen your family deal with things. Is this person prone to anger? Do they have a good sense of humor? Are they adaptable? Are they compatible? How do they demonstrate affection?

Finances – American kids these days are train-wrecks with finances. Two people interested in marriage should exchange financial statements and medical records. You ought to know what you’re getting into. How do they handle money? Do they save? Do they spend it all? Do they tithe? Are they responsible?

Philosophy – What is their philosophy of life? Do they love the Lord so much that they make every church service? Or do they make excuses to justify missing services? Are they dependable? Do they live it up? Are they happy at home? Do they witness? What are their future plans?

Physical – You should marry somebody that you find desirable. It’s just that this should be fifth on your list, not first. Marry a lifelong mate.

Conclusion: you should know the answer to all of these before you say, “I do.”  Consider these before you are already emotionally committed to the relationship.  Several Christian young ladies have testified how following these 5 F’s saved them from getting into a bad marriage and directed them, instead, to a wonderful marriage.