Pastor Jon Marshall – Don’t Leave Jesus At The Meeting

The text for this message is Luke 2:41-52. This is when Joseph and Mary left Jesus at the temple after celebrating the feast of the Passover.  Very briefly, the outline for this message follows.

Leaving Jesus at the temple:

Was Unintentional, v.43.  Be careful, after the meeting we just had, of returning to the life you normally live.  Don’t leave Jesus at the meeting.  Make sure that he doesn’t get lost in your secular diversions.

Was Unproductive, v.45-46. They burned three days trying to find him.  We waste a lot of time on nothing when we leave Jesus at the meeting.

Revealed an Unexpected Truth, v.47-50.  They learned who he really was.  They learned where they could find him. And they learned what was important to him.

Conclusion.  v.51-52. Bring Jesus home with you, and subject yourself to him like he subjected himself to Mary and Joseph.  There are great benefits to you in this.