Pastor John Robinson – Things That Are Wanting, Titus 1:5

Pastor John Robinson preached from Titus 1:5 on things that are wanting or lacking in churches toward missions.  Ecc 1:15 says, “that which is wanting cannot be numbered.”  There is no want of lost souls and needy people, and there is no want of technology, transportation, communication, or money to reach them.  So, what’s missing?  What’s wanting?  There is a want of:

Care – Mk 6:34 – Jesus was moved with compassion.  People don’t care; we ought to care.  When was the last time you got fired up about the gospel?  Rekindle that fire.

Prayer – Mk 14:37 – there’s a great hour of need.  We can’t do anything without the Lord’s help.  The Holy Spirit is noticeably missing in a lot of the Lord’s work.  The Lord will supply what you need to get the work done.  One preacher said, “We believe that the task before us is not greater than the power behind us.”  Bob Jones, Sr. said, “God will put the angels on half rations to supply the needs of a soul winner.”

Dare – Matt 14:31 – Peter took the risk when he stepped out of that boat.  Today there is an apparent lack of faith and courage. Get out of your comfort zone.  Step out.  One preacher said, “The faith that will stop the mouth of lions must be more than just a hope that they won’t bite.”

Conclusion: you can find these three things missing in the Laodicean church, Rev 3:18.  Though we find much lacking in the church today, these things should not be wanting in us.