Pastor John Robinson – His Disciples Went Back – Jn 6:66

Pastor John Robinson preached on backsliding from Jn 6:66.  After a good introduction on this passage, Pastor Robinson showed us that backsliding is the result of three things.  Backsliding is the result of:

Confusion – Jn 6:41-43 – the disciples who went back were confused about Jesus being bread from heaven.  They were confused when he said that they must eat his flesh and drink his blood.  Peter in the garden of Gethsemane was confused about why Jesus didn’t want to be defended.  Thankfully, Peter didn’t go back when the other disciples left, Jn 6:67-68.

Contention – Jn 6:52 – the Jews strove among themselves.  As one pastor said, “Contention among the saints is not uncommon, but it is unchristian.”  Often, contention is at the root of people backsliding from God.

Contempt – Jn 6:60-61 – what Jesus said was a hard saying and the ones who went back were offended.  When you backslide, ultimately, your contempt is for Jesus.  You turn your back on God.

Conclusion: What will you do?  “Will ye also go away,” Jn 6:67?  Peter said, “thou hast the words of eternal life,” Jn 6:68.  He didn’t go back and neither should you.