Offended and Dealing with Others

Prov. 25:8-12

                We all get offended and have need to deal with others about it. The Bible has some very good help in these matters. We have two main choices when we are offended, respond back to the offending party or keep it to ourselves. Either method can be the correct thing to do, but do you always pick the correct one each time? Most of us don’t, but here are a few verses from the Bible that should make things more clear.


Verse 8:               Slow down and think

  • [Prov. 18:13] Get the facts, don’t act upon emotions
  • [2 Sam.13:27-31] Don’t act on the first report, seldom correct.



Verse 9-10:         Keep it to yourself

  • [Matt. 18:15-17] Context is for a church dealing with a doctrinal or sin issue, but good example.
  • [Prov. 6:12-19] If you don’t, you are sowing discord among the brethren.
  • [Prov.16:2] We always think we are the righteous one, wrong [Rom.3:10]
  • [Prov.21:2] we always think we are the correct one, we’re not!
  • [Prov. 17:28] you can open your mouth and end up being the fool




Verse 11-12:       There may be a perfect word at a perfect time

  • [Prov.6:23] reproofs are the way of life
  • [Prov. 15:31-32] reproof will make you wise
  • [Prov.17:10] it will work on a wise man
  • [Prov. 28:23] Rebuke may lead to favor
  • [Luke 17:3] Rebuke him with forgiveness

There may not be a perfect word or a perfect time [1Cor.6:1-8] Let it go!!!                                                          [Eph.4:32] Forgive – pick your fights!