Noah’s Faith

Noah’s Faith Heb. 11:1-7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, according to Heb 11:1.  Noah had to have faith in order to believe what God said about the flood and to do something about it.  Noah’s faith is a great example to us of what our faith should look like.  Look carefully at v.7 and notice:

The Foundation of his faith – “being warned of God” – Noah’s faith was founded on God’s words.  Compare Lk 5:4-5 and Acts 27:25 where Peter and Paul both believed God’s words and did what they were told.  His faith was not founded on fiction, fantasy or feeling.

The Substance of his faith – “not seen as yet” – it had never rained but the coming flood was as certain as the sunrise because God said so – 2 Cor 5:7 says we are to live by faith and not by sight – and when we do our faith is even more substantial than our sight – the folks in Noah’s day who were waiting to see the flood before reacting to it were too late!

The Character of his faith – “moved with fear” – we stand not only on the promises but also on the fear – God has warned that those without Christ go to hell – you’ve never seen it but by faith you know it is real – and when you trusted Christ to keep you out of there, your faith demonstrated the character of the fear of God.

The Evidence of his faith – “prepared an ark” – Jas 2:14 – his faith yielded works – and his works were evidence that he had faith in what God said – Paul said, “Work out you own salvation with fear and trembling .  For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure,” [Phil 2:12-13].  Paul told us to do works meet for repentance [Acts 26:20.  Titus mentions good works five times in his epistle.

The Consequence of his faith – “to the saving of his house” – he saved his wife, his sons and his daughters-in-law – in Acts 16:31 Paul told the Philippian jailer that by faith not only would he save himself but also his house!

The Witness of his faith – “by which he condemned the world” – we live for eternity and they live for the world – read Prov 29:27 really carefully – when you take a stand with Christ, you automatically take a stand against the world.

The Reward of his faith – “heir of the righteousness” – when Noah got off the boat, he and his family “owned it all” – when you put your faith in Jesus Christ, you get eternal life and heaven forever and you become a joint-heir with Jesus Christ.

Conclusion: Will you put your faith in Jesus?  Will you work to take others with you?