Never Forsaken Matt 27:46

Never Forsaken Matt 27:46 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When Jesus hung on the cross, he said seven different things. One thing that he said is recorded in Matt 27:46.  He asked his Father, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”  Have you ever considered the importance of this question?

When Jesus asked, “Why hast thou forsaken me,” his Father would have answered:

I forsook you so that I would not forsake MY PEOPLE – even though Israel forsook God in Deut 32:15, Jud 2:12-13, Is 1:4 and many other places, God was faithful to them and they were never forsaken.  He won’t forsake Israel because he forsook his Son in their place.  See Is 49:13-16, Is 54:7-8.

I forsook you so that I would not forsake YOUR DISCIPLES – even though Jesus’ disciples forsook him in Matt 26:56, the Lord did not forsake them because he forsook his Son in their place.  See Jn 21:15-17, Acts 2:14, Acts 1:22-26.  These disciples who forsook him were called “apostles” after his resurrection.

I forsook you so that I would not forsake OUR CHILDREN – even though many of God’s children have forsaken him for a time, they were never forsaken by him. One of the worst cases recorded in the New Testament is the case of the young man in 1 Cor 5:1-5. Because he was never forsaken by the Lord, he was able to be restored in 2 Cor 2:4-11. God forsook his own Son so that he wouldn’t have to forsake this young man or any of His children, for that matter.

He forsook Jesus so that He would not forsake YOU – even though you and I may have forsaken him, he promised us that we would be never forsaken in Heb 13:5.  Even when our own friends forsake us [2 Tim 4:10] and no one else is willing to stand with us [2 Tim 4:16], the Lord will always be there [2 Tim 4:17].  He said, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee,” Heb 13:5.

Conclusion: If you are lost, he hasn’t forsaken you.  Come to him today and be saved.  If you are backslidden, he has not forsaken you, come back to him today.  If you are saved, don’t ever forsake him; he will never forsake you.