A Mother’s Influence, Titus 2:4

This Mother’s Day we will study a mother’s influence in her children’s lives.  In the Bible we see:

A Mother’s Influence

By Her Love

A Mother’s Influence by Prayer – Titus 2:4 the younger women are taught to love their children.  Young mothers must be taught how to love their children because a mother’s love disposes her to see no wrong in her child.  One fellow said, “All women are mothers of great men – it isn’t their fault if life disappoints them later.”  

There was a popular song in WWI about a rookie named Jim.  In the song, the mother of this soldier tells her friend how proud she is after seeing her son’s regiment march by.  She noticed that, while the other soldiers were marching right-left, her son was marching left-right.  In the song she sings, “Were you there?  And tell me did you notice?  They were all out of step but Jim?”

A mother’s love should be like Christ’s divine love that compels a godly response.  His love doesn’t condone our sin, but it compels us to turn from it to him.  Nevertheless, his is an undying love.  And so is a mother’s.  Her’s is one that is with us always.  Like a Chinese proverb states, “When a child goes away from home, he carries his mother’s hand with him.”

By Her Prayer

A Mother’s Influence by Prayer – 1 Sam 2:1 And Hannah prayed.  Her son, Samuel, was the best judge Israel ever had, due, in part no doubt, to Hannah’s prayers.  In Matt 15:22, the Canaanite woman cried unto Jesus on behalf of her daughter and Jesus answered her prayer.

Years ago, during a protracted revival meeting in a country town, the visiting preacher visited the home of a mother of two sons.  The mother spoke to the preacher of her concern for her boys’ salvation.  Other boys were being saved, but her’s weren’t seemingly interested.  The preacher asked her if she had talked with them about their salvation or spent sleepless nights weeping over their lost condition.  He remarked that their lack of concern for their own souls was due, in part, to her lack of burden for their souls and importunate prayer on their behalf.  That night she lay awake all night tearfully pleading with God for their souls.  The next day they were saved.  They said, “Mother, we heard you when you prayed for us last night, and we are saved now in answer to your prayers.”

Certainly, most of your prayers aren’t going to be answered the next morning.  However, even those that take years to answer are being heard by the Lord every time you pray.  Don’t grow weary in your influence by prayer.

By Her Command

A Mother’s Influence by Command – Prov 6:20 “forsake not the law of thy mother.” I recently read about Bro Andrew, God’s smuggler.  His mother gave him a Bible and told him to read it.  Andrew said, “You can’t say ‘no’ to your mother.  You can do no; but you can’t say ‘no.’”  He said he would read it.  However, he didn’t fulfill this promise until after he was wounded in war.  He kept the Bible beside his bed in the hospital.  The nurses there were always so cheerful.  When he asked one nurse why, she said the reason is in that book beside your bed.  And so, he began to read.  And in time he was saved.

By Her Conversation

A Mother’s Influence by Conversation – Lk 2:19, 52 Mary kept all these things… kept all these sayings in her heart.  Mothers have a great influence in their children’s lives by how they live their lives.  What your children see often speaks louder than what you say.  You influence them by your conversation.

For example, Jesus’ brothers didn’t believe him, Jn 7:5.  But Mary did.  After the Lord’s ascension, Mary was in the upper room where others were gathered for prayer.  And Jesus’s brethren were there with her, Acts 1:14.  His brother, James, gave the sentence of the Jerusalem church concerning the question of whether Gentile Christians should be under the law, Acts 15.  Mary undoubtedly influenced her other children by following Jesus.

Consider the influence of the mothers of these famous men.  A London editor submitted a list to Winston Churchill of his most influential teachers.  He replied, “You have omitted to mention the greatest of my teachers – my mother.”  Thomas Edison said, “my mother cast over me an influence which has lasted all my life.  My mother was the making of me.”  Dwight Eisenhower said, “My sainted mother taught me a devotion to God and a love of country which have ever sustained me in my many lonely and bitter moments of decision in distant and hostile lands.  To her, I yield a son’s reverent thanks.”

Conclusion to A Mother’s Influence

Mothers, be encouraged to continue what you are doing to influence your children’s lives.  If you find that you have neglected one or more of these influences, then begin today to do these things for your children and for the Lord’s sake.