Modern Versions Checklist – Dr Sam Gipp

These are some of the verses to check out in modern versions that demonstrate why the King James Bible is the best Bible.

Modern Versions – Changes Against the Truth

Acts 12:4 – “Easter”. The correct translation of the word “pascha”.

Mk 1:1-3 – “written in the prophets”. Verse 2 is quoted from Mal 3:1 and verse 3 is quoted from Is 40:3.  Modern versions incorrectly say written in the “prophet”.

Changes Against Jesus

Jn 3:16 – “only begotten Son”.  Modern versions take out “begotten”, though the Greek word for begotten is is in the text.  Contrast Jn 1:12; Jesus is not the only Son of God.

Jn 18:36 – “now”.  The Greek word “nun” is in every Greek manuscript.  Modern versions take this word out. Jesus does have a kingdom; it’s just not here right now. 

Lk 23:33 – “Calvary”. This is the only place in the Bible where this word appears.  Most modern translations replace Calvary with “skull”.  

Lk 23:42 – “Lord”.  The thief believed Jesus Christ is the Lord.  Modern versions remove “Lord”.

Lk 24:24 – “and carried up into heaven”.  The NASV 1964 removes the ascension.  It’s in Acts 1:8-9. And it’s in Mk 16:19.  However, the note on v.8 says that all the verses from Mk 16:9-20 are not in the best manuscripts.

Lk 2:33 – “Joseph”.  Some modern translations change this word to “father”.  Joseph was not his father; God was, Lk 2:48-49.

Acts 3:13 – “Son”.  Modern translations translate this “servant”, making Jesus God’s servant, not his Son.  See Acts 3:26, 4:27, and 4:30.  In Jn 4:51 the NKJV translates this Greek word “Son”, though they translated it “Servant” in Acts. 

Changes Against Salvation

Acts 8:37 – modern translations remove the entire verse.

Col 1:14 – “through his blood”.  Modern versions remove this phrase. Acts 20:28

Zech 13:6 – “in thine hands”. NKJV 1994 says “between your arms”, yet the 1982 says “in your hands”.  They took away the wounds in the Lord’s hands.

A Purely Ridiculous Change

Jud 1:14 “she lighted from off her ass”.  To light is to land or get down.  The New English Bible of 1970 says “as she sat on the ass she broke wind and Caleb said what did you mean by that”?  Are you going to stand at the judgment seat of Christ?  Thank God you will never answer for doing this to the word of God.

Bible correctors are saying, by correcting the Bible, that they know more about the word of God than God, who wrote it, does.  Thank God your pastor doesn’t do that. For more information on missing verses in modern Bibles, see Modern Bibles Remove Verses.