Miracles of Jesus: Lesson #4 The Palsied Man Healed

Miracles of Jesus

Lesson #4 The Palsied Man Healed (Mark 2:1-12)

 This is a great story concerning one of the miracles that Jesus performed. It is not just the fact that he healed the palsied man but the events that led up to this man being healed. From this miracle we will learn about the deity of Jesus Christ as well as some lessons regarding our faith and what it can do.

The Miracle:

 Jesus was in Capernaum at a certain house. When the word got out regarding his location many people assembled at the house. There were 4 men who wanted to bring a man sick with palsy to Jesus, but they could not get close to the house because of the crowd. The men were determined to get the sick man to Jesus, so they removed some of the roof and lowered him down to Jesus. Jesus has an interesting conversation with those regarding the man and then heals him.

Lessons from the Miracle:

 Before healing the man Jesus uses the opportunity to show those present and the crowd who he really is. This is accomplished in two ways, by dealing with the question of sin and by healing him.

1)  He dealt with the man’s spiritual need first (Verses 5-10)

  • This is accomplished by forgiving his sins. In doing this he is also allowed to show the fact that he is God.
  • If he can forgive sins, then he is God in the flesh which he was (1 Timothy 3:16). So, Jesus deals with what is most important first.

2)  He then healed the man of the palsy (Verses 10-12)

  • He was God manifest in the flesh as he was telling them then he could both heal the man as well as forgive his sins. This is why he asked them the question of which is easier in verse 9.
  • This miracle as not just about healing the man but showing that Jesus was the son of God (verse 10)

Lessons regarding Faith:

 It is also important to note what verse 4 says regarding the faith of the men who brought the palsied to Jesus. Notice this whole thing started as a result of the faith of the four men. Below we will look at three things from this miracle regarding our faith.

Three things regarding our faith:

 1)  We must be determined in our faith (Verses 1-4)

  • The men could have just given up but no they were determined and did what ever it took to get the man to Jesus.
  • Our faith is based on the word of God (Romans 10:17). And we must be determined to stick with the word of God and use it to direct our lives for the Lord (1 Corinthians 15:58).

2)  Our faith can have a great impact on others (Verses 4-10)

  • It is not our faith that saves anyone they must accept Jesus themselves, but ask your self the question, has my faith led anyone else getting saved?
  • With a determined faith in Jesus and his word there is no limit to what God can do through you.

3)  Our faith results in God getting the Glory (Verse 12)

  • These things were strange to the crowd that had gathered at the house, but not that they glorified God.
  • Our faith may seem strange to people at times but the purpose of it is for God to get the glory. When we exercise our faith in God’s word he is pleased (Hebrews 11:6) and this is our main purpose (Revelation 4:11).


Miracles of Jesus

Lesson #4 The Palsied Man Healed (Mark 2:1-12)


 1)  Give a brief description of what is going on regarding this miracle.


2)  How does Jesus show those in the crowd his deity with this miracle?


3)  What are some things about our own faith that we can learn from this miracle?