Marriage is of God (Part 2, the Process)

Marriage is of God (Part 2, the Process)

Genesis 24

                God established marriage in Genesis 2 with Adam and Eve. He is involved in every detail of the process, and has enacted some prohibitions. The only way a marriage will work and be a blessing, instead of a curse, is if we allow God to guide the process. God should answer these three questions for you: Whom to marry? Whether to marry or not? When to marry?  In Gen. 24 we see a type in Abraham’s search for Isaac’s wife, of the Holy Spirit’s work in bringing, a bride (the church) to the bridegroom (Jesus Christ) under the direction of the father (God the Father). We also can learn very important parts of the process if led by God.

  • Verses 4,38                  The groom needed a wife of “his kindred”

God wants you marry of your “kindred” – saved (2 Cor.6:14-18)

  • Verses 6, 8                   The father restricted the son’s involvement.

Just as Adam, God will lead the way if you don’t get in the way.

  • Verses 5, 8, 57-58       Bride must be willing, her free will.

God leads, yet your free will is the deciding factor.

  • Verses 7, 40, 48          God will lead you in the process.

God will go before you.

  • Verses 12, 14               Prayer important for you and for others.

Others are praying for you.

  • Verses 14, 44              God has your match “appointed”.

God’s choice is always the best choice.

  • Verse 16                       Wife should be a virgin.

Once again, sex is reserved for marriage.

  • Verse 62-65                 Wife should keep herself pure.

The covering of a “vail” denotes separation. (2 Cor.3:13-16)

  • Verse 21                       Man’s part complete, now wait on God and the bride.

There will be some time to wait.

  • Verses 26,27,48,52   Be sure to thank God along the way.

Thank God for those “unanswered” prayers also.

  • Verses 32-49              Groom had a Godly testimony for the wife’s parents.

Your part now is to get that Godly testimony.

  • Verses 50-51              Parental permission and assurance on their part of the Lord’s leading.

Because of that testimony, they got assurance from God, and their permission.

  • Verses 59-60           Parental blessing.

They also received the parental blessings.

  • Verses 53-56          Timing of when to get married, controlled by Holy Spirit.

Don’t get in a rush or delay, follow the Spirit.

  • Verse 61               “Rebekah arose… and followed the man…” She was led by the Lord.

This shows commitment to the marriage.

  •  Verse 67              Marriage complete and in the Lord’s will.

First commitment (leave and cleave), then (become one flesh).