Lowering the Standards

Lowering the Standards


The Bible states that “all things were created by him and for him”. God has set the standards. God has made all the rules. They are created by him and for him. We are to live by the standards that God has set for us and we are not to lower the standards. We often look at our circumstances and justify the lowering of standards for us. That is not good. God has set the standards and he is the only one who can change them. But he changes not, [Mal.3:6]. He does grant us mercy according to His will, not because he owes it to us. Your salvation is a prime example.


God sets them, not you.

  • Impartial – same for all. [2Chron.19:7]
  • We always are partial, ourselves, our children, etc.
  • We must have one authority, and all must answer to that authority, [Heb.9:27]


God doesn’t lower them.

  • [Mal.3:6] Changes not
  • [James 1:17] No variableness
  • [Heb.13:8] the same yesterday, today and forever
  • God still calls sin, Sin. [Jn.8:11] with compassion and mercy
  • The world changes the name or colors over sin


God does forgive when we disregard them

  • [Col.3:13] Forbearing (avoid action voluntarily, or puts up with it) and forgiving
  • Forgiveness is not lowering the standards, it’s lowering the penalty, and the standards stay the same.
  • Mercy comes with keeping his standards [Deu.7:9]
  • Numbers 15:32-36, be glad you are not living under the Old Testament Law.


God does bless when we keep them.

  • Keeping God’s standards is called Obedience
  • [Acts 3:26] God provided Jesus Christ to bless you in turning away every one of you from your iniquities.
  • [Rom.5:8] God loved you when you were dead in your sins, how much more will he bless you when you obey him.
  • There are blessings and cursing’s for keeping God’s standards (Lev.26:3-24)
  • 18:28 and Lev.20:22 both talk that the land will “spue you out”. America may be at this point because of our disregard for the Lord’s standards