Lot’s choice of Direction (Part 2)


  • Verse 9, Lot’s choice made according to a man’s suggestion with no regard to God. Abram had God all over his portion [Gen.13:14-18]

Lot was probably riding on Abram’s coat tails, meaning his blessings had come from association with Abram. God had blessed him for Abram’s sake. Joseph [Gen.39:5] and Jacob [Gen.30:27] both are examples of God blessing someone else for their sakes. This may have been the first time Lot had to make a decision on his own. He took Abram’s suggestion and never consulted God or asked any counsel.

Seek Godly counsel  – Be sure to be honest and truthful with your counselor, be willing to do what they say, and remember that you and you only are responsible for your choices.

[Prov.11:14] for safety

[Prov.12:15] for wisdom

[Prov.15:22] for correct direction

[Prov.19:21] for success

Seek Two or Three Witnesses – The Bible says that every word is established by two or three witnesses.

[Matt.18:16] Jesus said

[2Cor.13:1] Paul said

[1Tim.5:19] no mistakes

[Heb.10:28] no mistakes

You must go to God – You have His words and Prayer for access and help.

[Eph.2:18] you have access

[Heb.4:16] you have help

Seeking Godly counsel when you make choices in your life is very important. You can’t trust your heart [Jer.17:9] or your way [Jer.10:23]. Put your trust in the words of God and those who you know have a Godly wisdom to help you make the correct choice. Then get with God and go for it.