Looking for Open Doors II Cor. 2:12

Looking for Open Doors II Cor. 2:12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Text 2 Cor 2:12.

During our missions conference, you heard several of the missionaries say that God had opened a door for them to go to a certain field to preach the gospel.  Following our missions conference, I am aware that some of you are looking for God to open a door for you.  And so now you are looking for open doors of opportunity to prepare to serve the Lord.

Today, let’s clarify something from the Bible to help you prepare for the day when the Lord may open a door of opportunity for you.  There are many things you need to open before concerning yourself with a door the Lord may open for you.

Open Your Bible – Lk 4:17 – open it to read it – Neh 8:5-8 – open it to teach it distinctly, sensibly and understandably.

Open Your Mouth – in prayer [men and women who are effectual in the ministry are effectual in prayer] – in praise Ps 51:15, “O Lord, open thou my lips; and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise” – in preaching Ezek 3:27 [faithfully – regardless whether they will hear], Eph 6:19 [boldly], Acts 8:35 [purposefully – to preach Jesus].

Open Your Ears – Is 50:4-5 – like Jesus did – notice that he opened his mouth [which he began to do when he was 12] – and morning by morning he opened his ear [this is how you grow and how you learn to follow the leadership of the Lord – notice that Jesus was not rebellious].

Open Your Eyes – [of course your eyes were opened when you got saved (Acts 26:18) and your eyes will be open when you read and study (Ps 119:18)] – 2 Ki 6:15-17 – this is where your eyes open to the supernatural things the Lord is doing in and around your life – you become aware of the supernatural purpose and supernatural events in your life related to ministering to others.

Open Your Hand – Deut 15:7-11 – in giving – men and women who are effectual in the ministry are particularly good givers – they understand and give their tithe and offerings [for things like regular missions giving] – they live by the principal of Lk 6:38.

Open Your Face – 2 Cor 3:18 – [consider an “open face sandwich”] this is as if you are looking into a mirror but the image that you see in the mirror is not yours but the Lord’s – and the longer you behold his image, the more like his image you become – people are prone to follow fads, actors, and the fashion of this world – you and I must become just like Jesus [when you look in the mirror do you see more of the likeness of Jesus?]

Conclusion: Now if you will open your Bible, your mouth, your ears, your eyes, your hand and your face, God will open doors for you.  These are the best ways to prepare.  However, all of these things to open are for saved people.  So, if you are not saved then you must Open Your Heart to the gospel and receive Jesus Christ [Acts 16:14].