Life More Abundantly

Life More Abundantly

John 10:10

What does living life more abundantly mean? When you go to an all you can eat buffet, you can eat abundantly, or as much as you can hold. We tend to look at the abundant life as some sort of physical prosperity. Many false Bible teachers preach the gospel of prosperity. Did the Lord mean that he came to provide you with an abundance of physical things? I don’t think so!! [Matt.6:19-21] We are not to lay up treasure upon the earth! So, what can be said for the abundant life that the Lord wants us to have?


[Deu.30:19]        It’s a Choice, we choose Life.

  • This world is cursed
    • [Gen.3:17-19]
    • [2 Pet.3:1-7, 10-14]
    • [1Cor.7:31] the fashion of this world
    • [1 Jn. 2:17] the Lust of this world
    • It’s all going to pass away!



  • People choose to concern themselves only with the curse
    • My recent Elk hunt in Colorado, many ranchers and guides concerned only with the curse, cattle, elk herds and rules and regulations.
    • Trips to Big Bend National park and Costa Rica, many people only concerned with environmental issues, and saving the planet.
    • Trip to Uganda found most folks only concerned with sustenance, existing in this world.
    • God is in every part of each of these places, yet they don’t see it, [Ps.19:1-11] and are missing the “great reward” or the abundant life!



  • Choose to concern yourself with the Blessing
    • The blessing of God answering prayer on each one of these trips was unbelievable, and as we shared our joy with these folks and praised God for his blessings, I don’t know if they could even begin to see the abundance of our life in Jesus Christ.
    • [Ps.4:4] the blessing of “standing in awe” of the creation of God! I can’t begin to explain the abundance of joy in just being allowed to experience the world that God has made!
    • [1 Cor.2:9-16] It only gets better!


Life more abundantly is yours for the choosing, don’t get caught up in the things of this world.