Lessons from Daniel, God Does the Impossible

Lessons from Daniel

God Does the Impossible (Daniel 2:1-49)

In Daniel chapter 2 King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream and it troubles him to the point of not being able to sleep. He wants to know the meaning of the dream but he cannot remember the dream. He calls for all the magicians, astrologers, sorcerers, Chaldeans etc. to come and show him his dream and give him the interpretation thereof.

When they assemble they cannot tell him his dream. They tell him that no other king would even ask him to do this and that there is no man on earth who can do this task. The king then commands that all the wise men should be killed. When they come to Daniel he told them to tell the king that he would tell the king the dream. He then goes to Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego and tells them to pray and ask God to give them wisdom concerning this matter. God answers their prayer and gives Daniel the dream and the interpretation of the dream.

The Interpretation of the Dream (verses 37-43)

The head of Gold on the image represents King Nebuchadnezzar and the kingdom of Babylon. The arms and chest of Silver would represent the Media-Persians who would conquer Babylon and rule the known world. The belly and thighs of Brass would represent the kingdom of Greece under Alexander the Great who conquered and ruled after the Media Persians. The legs of Iron represent Rome who was ruling the world at the time of Jesus’ first coming.

The feet and toes that are mixed Iron and Clay represent the Kingdom of the Anti-Christ. It is somehow connected with Rome but it is different as it is Iron and Clay. Note that there will be some of the angels fall again as they did in Genesis 6 because in verse 43 they are said to mingle themselves with the seed of men. During the tribulation this will happen Revelation 12:3-9. So all the super hero stuff that we see today about aliens coming to earth with great power is just Satan preparing the world for this event that will take place in the future.

The stone that is cut without hands is Jesus Christ who destroys the anti-christ and his army at the second coming (Matthew 21:41-44 ; 1 Peter 2:4,6). Note that the stone smites the feet and not the legs this happens at the Second Advent and not the first.

What is the lesson for us from this?

In verses 10-11 the so called wise men of Babylon told the king that what he had asked of them was impossible. But Daniel told the King that there was a God in heaven that could do what the King had asked (verse 27-28).

There are going to be many situations in your life that will seem to you and others to be impossible. But remember that there is a God in Heaven that can do the impossible (Matthew 19:23-26). But we must pray and seek God as Daniel and the 3 Hebrew children did.

Lessons from Daniel

God Does the Impossible (Daniel 2:1-49) : Handout

1)  What is happening in Daniel chapter 2?

2)  What is the interpretation of the dream?

3)  What is the lesson for us from this passage?