A Lesson on Reproof

Reproofs of Instruction



The reproofs of instruction are the way of life. As much as you would like to never be reproved, or called out for your error, it is a part of life. So, what should be our reaction to reproof? The Bible has many things to say about the proper response to reproof. It also has many things to say about poor responses, and the fruit thereof.

[Prov.1:20-23] The purpose of reproof is to get you to TURN. When you are headed in the wrong direction in your actions or thoughts the sooner that you get turned around the less you may suffer for them. As much as we dislike it, having someone inform you of your error and point the correct way out to you, is a great blessing. Remember that most of the time this “someone” cares enough about you to tell you!


#1            Poor Response – [Prov.1:24-28] You blow it off, “set at nought all my counsel”

  • You consider the counsel as worthless to you
  • You will have none of it!
  • The Lord may just blow you off when the fear, distress and anguish comes, (reaping what you have sowed).

Proper Response – [Prov. 15:31] You hear it, you are listening! – wise, [Prov.15:32] get    understanding!

  • The ear that heareth, implies you are listening
  • Because you listen, you are wise
  • If you listen you may begin to understand why or where, or how you are wrong



#2           Poor Response – [Prov.1:29-31] You despise it, [Prov.5:12] it’s a heart problem

  • [Prov.13:13] it’s rebellion [1 Sam.15:23] rejecting the word of God.
  • Rebellion is rejecting the word of the Lord, [Prov.23:9] don’t be a fool
  • You will get to eat your own fruit! [Prov.1:31]

Proper Response – [Prov.15:5] You regard it (attend to with respect and value), its prudent (wise or intelligent)

  • [Ex.9:20-21] always leads to destruction
  • [Prov.13:18] you will be honored when you regard it.




#3           Poor Response – [Prov.10:17] You refuse it

  • Just like anything else, you just say no! You don’t want any! (been told this when handing out tracts)
  • So, you err, you have just added another error to the first one! Your trouble is compounding.
  • [Prov.29:1] you become stiff necked and hard hearted, bad stuff!

Proper Response – [Prov.17:10] You take it in, receive it

  • It’s proof of your wisdom
  • It is a great first step in the correct direction
  • Receive it for what it is! [1 Thes. 2:13]




#4           Poor Response – [Prov.12:1] You hate it                                   

  • That says you are stupid, or ignorant!
  • [1 Kings 22:8] Not a brilliant statement
  • [Prov.15:10] makes a bad thing worse!
  • [Heb.12:11], It’s grievous and not joyous, but has a great yield!

Proper Response – [2 Tim.3:16] Learn from it, it is profitable

  • Doctrine tells you what is right
  • Reproof tells you what is wrong
  • Correction tells you how to do right
  • Instruction tells you how to stay right
  • [Prov.25:12] the word of God is a wise reprove, have an obedient ear
  • [Ps.141:5] Because it’s good for you!