Learning from God’s Word About Israel

Learning from God’s Word About Israel

Genesis 12:1-9

There is a lot going on in the news and on social media regarding the nation of Israel today. From the war in Gaza, Iran’s attack of Israel, to antisemitic protest at college campuses and other places throughout our country. During these times we should look to the word of God and see what it says about the matters in order to both get the truth and be comforted in regard to the unknown.

Now obviously in this one lesson it would be impossible to examine every detail and prophesy concerning the nation of Israel in this short lesson. So, we will give an outline showing some of the key things regarding Israel, their history and their future and then point out a few things that we can learn from these truths.

Brief History of Israel through the Bible:

 1)  Their beginning (Genesis 12:1-9)

  • Here we see that Abraham was promised to become a great nation, be blessed with a great name, be a blessing, have his seed possess the land.
  • Also, God promised to bless them that blessed him and curse him that cursed them.
  • This is an interesting promise when we consider history and the fact that so many are cursing Israel today. But men never learn from history that has been proven over and over again.

2)  Covenant with Abraham (Genesis 15:18-21)

  • This land grant is way more than Israel posses now. Compare it on a map.
  • Abraham’s seed is promised the land. Abraham has two seeds, Ishmael, and Issac.
  • The covenant goes to Isaac not to Ishmael (Genesis 17:19)
  • Isaac has two sons also, Esau, and Jacob.
  • Jacob gets the promise of the land (Genesis 35:10-13)

3)  Kingdom of Israel established under David and Solomon (2 Samuel 7:12-16)

  • Ultimately this promise of a King forever is speaking of Jesus Christ.

4)  Jesus is rejected by Israel at his first coming (John 19:14-15)

  • Before his crucifixion the Jews told Pilate to let Jesus’ blood be on them and their children (Matthew 27:25) and it has been as they have been one of the most persecuted people ever since that time.

5)  Israel During the Church Age (Romans 11:25-29)

  • Israel is blinded until the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled.
  • They are said to be enemies regarding the gospel but beloved concerning the election. This shows us that God is not finished with Israel.

6)  Israel Persecuted by the anti-christ during the Tribulation (Revelation 12:1-17)

  • This persecution will nearly wipe them out. But as we saw in Romans 11:26 a remnant will make it through and be saved.

7)  At the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ Israel will be restored and becoming the lead Nation with Jesus Christ as their King to fulfill the covenant made with David that we discussed above.

What can we learn from these things?

 1)  That God’s word is true.

2)  God is not through with Israel and they will get the land and all that God promised to Abraham in the future regardless of what is happening today.

3)  God Still blesses those that bless them and curses those that curse them.

4)  The more we see happening with Israel and the middle east, the closer we are to the Rapture of the Church, which for saved people is good news.


Learning from God’s Word About Israel : Handout

Genesis 12:1-9


1)  Give a brief outline of Israel through the Bible.


2)  What can we learn from these truths?