Keeping Your Mind

Keeping Your Mind

Philippians 4:4-9

In this passage we see that the peace of God which passes all understanding keeps our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. We are told to think on certain things and to be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication let your requests be made known unto God.

There are two other passages in the word of God where it seem that having peace is connected with the keeping our minds on the right things. (Isaiah 26:3 ; Romans 8:6)

Keeping our minds on the right things and off of the wrong things or things that take the peace and comfort of God from us is a hard battle and this is why the word of God says that our weapons are not carnal (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

How to keep our minds :

In Philippians 4:8 we are told to think on certain things. We will define each of these below.

1) True – being in accordance with the actual state of things.

  • Many times we get all wrapped up in our mind about things that are not even real. Whether it is fantasy, illusion, fear, imagination or whatever.
  • The word of God says stick with what is true. Remember most of the worst things that we imagine will happen never do.

2)  Honest – Fair in dealing with others.

  • Have you ever sat around and thought about how to cheat or get even with someone? Even though we may never do these things it is still dangerous to do these things.

3)  Just – Conformed to the truth, proper; Just images or reputations.

  • This will eliminate many things from our mind that are damaging to our peace with God and keeping our minds.

4)  Pure – Genuine real. Free from anything improper.

  • In the society we live in today keeping your mind pure is not an easy task. We must remember that if it is improper to do it is improper to think about.

5)  Lovely – Amiable which means something deserving of love.

  • Usually when this definition is looked up it will have to do with something that is worthy of affection.
  • The problem is that society today thinks anything physical is love therefore that would make everything lovely. But remember the word right before this one and it will help you to know what is deserving of love in the first place.

6)  Good report – can be spoken of favorably.

  • If we can’t repeat it without causing damage or hurt to someone then we should not even think about it.

7)  Virtue – Moral Excellency. Substance that causes actions which produce good effects in others.

  • If it is not of good morals do not think on it.

8)  Praise – To commend or applaud.

  • Today people chastise that which is good and applaud that which is bad that is why we need the other things ahead of this one to know what is worthy of praise. And once we find it out then think only on those things.

How do we keep our minds on these things :

We must remember that what we keep our eyes on affects our hearts (Job 31:1 ; Psalm 101:3) and what affects our heart will affect our minds (Mark 7:21)

Keeping Your Mind : Handout

Philippians 4:4-9

1)  What are some things we are told in this passage?

2)  List some other verses in the word of God that show keeping our minds on the right things helps us to have peace.

3)  What are we told to think on in Philippians 4:8. Give a definition of each one.

4)  What do we have to realize in order to keep our minds on the right things? Give references.