Just Keep Walking

Just Keep Walking


Just keep walking. In this passage is a progression, walking, then standing, and finally sitting. It warns us of three wrong things that we should not do. But it does state that the blessed man will do pretty well if he does not do these things. The key to your Christian walk is that you need to just keep walking.

Over the past few years I have maintained an exercise program of walking each morning. I started out by walking very short distances and working my way up to longer walks. I also started out walking the perimeter of our local golf course, then started to walk with others at our local park which has a very nice walking track or course.

This passage was on my heart as I walked the other day and the lord showed me some comparisons between my Christian walk and my Exercise walk. Hopefully these will be a help to you.

  1. At the walking park there are all ages, all sizes, all skill levels, and all different health issues. Some have been doing it for years and others have just started. Everyone seems to be friendly and very helpful towards each other.

In your Christian walk there are also many if not all these same characteristics. We have baby Christians and seasoned saints. We have folks that know their Bible and new babes in Christ. We have very spiritually healthy people and others that are a work in progress. We are not to compare ourselves amongst ourselves, [2 Cor.10:12]. We also should help each other along the way, [Rom.15:1]. No matter where you are in your walk, Just keep walking!


  1. At the walking park there are some that walk, some that run, and some that are very extreme in their exercise program. Everyone seems to be doing the best they can according to their ability, and striving to do more.

In your Christian walk, look around and you will see that everyone is doing different jobs and are going different speeds. Some may not be moving at all. [Heb.12:1], we all have our own race to run. All the Lord expects from each of us is that we do it to our ability, [1 Pet.4:11], and to His Glory. Just keep walking!


  1. At the walking park, some are working out solo, and others prefer to be in groups.

In your Christian walk, some of us are self-motivated, while others need the help or encouragement of others. Just like at the park, it will work fine each way. You can, if needed, find folks to help you with your Christian walk at church. There are also folks looking to find folks to help. Just keep walking!


  1. At the walking park, you can see others stop or alter their work out because of physical or mental issues. They may even stop and never come back.

In your Christian walk, your flesh is at battle with you constantly. I never wake up really excited about going on a walk, my flesh would rather stay in bed. It can come up with very many reasons why I shouldn’t walk. But if I just keep walking, I get to defeat my flesh, physically, and this gives me confidence to defeat it spiritually in my Christian walk.


  1. At the walking park, you can easily spot the folks that have worked faithfully for years on their exercise program and you would go to them first for some advice or help.

In your Christian walk, the faithful become the example to the others. [1 Tim.4:12] you are to be an example to others, and your age has nothing to do with it. Be faithful and just keep walking.

  1. At the walking park, you can physically see the benefits in the fitness of the folks that have put in the time.

In your Christian walk, the Lord promises you benefits from putting in the time. [PS.1:3] the benefits are more than worth the effort of the walk. Just keep walking.