Julius the Centurion’s Conversion Acts 27

Julius the Centurion’s Conversion Acts 27 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO


  • Read verses 1-6, going to look at Julius the Centurion’s Conversion
  • Summarize what is happening in this passage (Paul being taken to Rome, and who is Julius.)
  • Pray

Read verses 7-13 and expound

Chose to believe the wisdom of man      (worldly vs Godly)           Feelings vs Facts

Verse 11 – “believed the master and owner of the ship, more than those things spoken by Paul”

Acts 23:11, clearly shows God’s will, and Paul was pronouncing Godly wisdom


He chose   Carelesslyverse 9 – “when much time was spent”, impatient, hurried

  • Long term consequences and maybe out run God
  • Not planning ahead causes us to hurry our decisions
  • May cause us to give up or quit

Convenience verse 12 – “not commodious” or convenient

  • The easy way out
  • Rarely is the right thing to do convenient

Crowdverse 12 – “the more part” or majority

  • Following the crowd is almost always wrong
  • 13-14, spies – 10 against, 2 for
  • 1 Sam. 8-10, “make us a king”
  • 27:20-22, they chose Barabbas

Circumstancesverse 13, “supposing that they had obtained their purpose

  • Every open door is not of God
  • 3:5-7, Satan tempted Eve with a golden opportunity

Read Verse 14 – 32 and Expound

Chose to believe the man of God             (By Faith)

                Verse 31-32 – “the soldiers cut off the ropes of the boat, and let her fall

  • What he was doing was not working
  • Verse 31, it became personal, “ye cannot be saved” Personal
  • Decision made by faith, He had to trust in what Paul said.
  • Have you ever reached a point like this?
  • All of us that are saved reached a point where we had to trust God
  • Julius reached a point where he made a CONVERSION, based on faith.
  • Salvation application, reaching a point in life that you know you can’t do it by yourself.
  • Christians need to reach that same point
  • Believing God’s words is one thing, but acting on them is needful.


Read verses 33-44 and expound                              

Chose to Act on the wisdom of God

                Verse 43-43 – “But the Centurion willing to save Paul”

Now He made a complete conversion: He took Control

Not Carelessly – “and commanded…”

  • He knew that everything depended on what God had said
  • He started making every decision based on God’s words

Not Convenient – “lest any of them should swim out and escape”

  • To kill all of the prisoners was the convenient thing to do
  • Looking at a broken-up ship, “me first” decisions are the easiest

Not with the Crowd – “kept them from their purpose”

  • Didn’t choose to go with the crowd
  • Opposite of the majority, that’s what we are!

Not with the Circumstances – “came to pass, that they escaped all save to land”, as God had said

  • He trusted in what god had said
  • Circumstances looked bad, but ALL made to land SAFE


  • Summarize the Conversion
  • Apply to the Christian and the Lost