Josiah Was Eight, 2 Chr 34:1-2

Josiah was eight years old when he began to reign. Even from his childhood, he did three things that young people should do today.

First, he did that which is right in the sight of the Lord. Second, he walked in the ways of his father. Third, he declined neither to the right hand, nor to the left.

He did right in the sight of the Lord

Josiah‘s approach to life was affirmative, not negative.  He didn’t live a “do not” life.  Rather he was like 2 Cor 1:20 where Paul said, “all the promises of God in him are yea”.  According to Eph 6:1–3, to obey your parents is right.  Paul didn’t say “don’t disobey”, which is negative.  To some people “No” means “Go”.

Josiah did right in the sight of the Lord.  His concern was not doing right in the sight of men.  He was not a people-pleaser.  He was a God-pleaser.  And that’s what young people should strive to be today.  If you are right with God, you will be right with men.  Josiah was eight when he began to live like this.

Enoch’s testimony before his translation was that he pleased God, Heb 11:5.  Without faith, it is impossible to please him, Heb 11:6. Timothy was this kind of man. In 2 Tim 1:5 he had unfeigned faith that he developed from  childhood, 2 Tim 3:15.  This kind of faith comes by hearing the word of God, Rom 10:17.

He walked in the ways of David his father

Josiah was born in the line of kings from David.  Josiah was eight when he began to reign.  His biological father was Amon, but Amon was evil.  His grandfather was Manasseh, but Manasseh was also evil.  So Josiah looked to the king who was a man after God’s own heart.  Thank God if you have a good father in whose ways you can walk.

In 1 Sam 16:18, we see some great characteristics of David that young people could emulate today.  He played an instrument, whereby he could praise the Lord.  He was valiant, meaning he was courageous, 1 Sam 17:34-35. He was a man of war, which he proved when he fought Goliath.  He was prudent in matters, so he was wise.  And the Lord was with him.  He walked with God and other people knew it.

He declined, neither to the right or the left

According to 2 Chr 34:27, when Josiah heard the word of the Lord, he humbled himself and was tender toward the words of God.  He didn’t decline to the left toward bad things like foolish friends, sin, and pleasures).  Nor did he decline after good things that would have taken him away from the Lord.

25 years ago, a friend of mine passed up an opportunity to double his salary because there wasn’t a good church in the city where the company was that wanted to hire him.  Today, his family is all in church and serving the Lord.  If he had taken that good job years ago, he would have declined from the Lord.

Conclusion: Josiah was eight when he began to live like this.  Young people should learn to live right in the sight of the Lord.  Walk in the ways of your father and other good men who love God.  And decline neither to the right or the left.  Keep living for God.