Why did Jesus have to be Virgin Born?

Why did Jesus have to be Virgin Born?

Matthew 1:18-23

In this lesson we are going to look at the subject of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. We are using Matthew as the primary passage for this study but the virgin birth is also shown in Luke’s account of the birth of Jesus. The fact of the virgin birth not only a great miracle but it is essential for our salvation. Let us look at the word of God and see this doctrine.

In Matthew’s account we see that Joseph was espoused unto Mary. Now even though she is referred to as his wife they have not physically came together as husband and wife. This is clearly shown to us in verses 18-25. The fact that Mary and Joseph had not had sex before Jesus was born is also shown to us by Joseph being willing to put her away and not have her as his wife. But the Angel of the Lord explains to Joseph how this pregnancy has come about and tells him that it is ok to have Mary as his wife. And in verse 25 we see that there was no physical relationship between the two of them until after Jesus was born.

Reasons from this passage for why Jesus had to be virgin born:

1)  To fulfill prophesy (verses 22-23)

  • The passage that is being quoted here is from Isaiah 7:14. Isaiah’s prophecy is very direct for it says that a virgin will have a child.
  • In Genesis 3:15 we see a more indirect prophesy about the virgin birth. In this passage it says that the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent’s seed. The seed comes from the male in reproduction there for the woman doesn’t have a seed. So from the very first promise of Jesus’ coming we see that there will be something very special connected with his birth.
  • This also helps us to understand why ancient religions have a virgin as a god or a virgin birth connected with them. Satan understood this from this prophecy and therefore he planted the virgin or the virgin birth into religions before Jesus was born so that it would look like the Bible and Christianity copied them from other religions.

2)  It was how he would get his name (verse 23)

  • Emmanuel is interpreted as God with us. Now Jesus was God manifest in the flesh (John 1:1-14 ; 1 Timothy 3:16).
  • The only way that God could become man is through the virgin birth. All mankind is born with a sin nature that we get from Adam (Romans 5:12). Therefore if Jesus had had a human father he would have had the same sin nature that we have.
  • As a result of the virgin birth Jesus was born without sin and therefore the blood that he shed for us was God’s own blood (Acts 20:28). This is made possible by the virgin birth.

3)  To fulfill his purpose (verse 21)

  • According to this verse one of the purposes for why Jesus came to this earth was to save his people from their sin.
  • As stated under the second point the reason that he was sinless and could die in man place was because of the fact that he was virgin born. Therefore without the virgin birth Jesus would not have been the perfect sacrifice that could take mans place and atone for his sin.

The virgin birth was not only just a miracle by which Jesus was born but it what was necessary for us to have a savior that could die in our place and save us from our sins.

Some teach that Mary remained a virgin even after Jesus was born. But the word of God does not support this teaching. As we see in verse 25 she had a physical relationship with Joseph after Jesus was born. And was also see that she had other children as well (Mark 6:3).

While the fact that Mary was a virgin before Jesus was born is very important it is incorrect to say that she remained a virgin after Jesus was born.


Why did Jesus have to be Virgin Born? Handout

Matthew 1:18-23

1)  What are some of the ways that this passage shows us that Jesus was virgin born?


2)  List 3 reasons from the passage for why Jesus had to be born a virgin?


3)  List some proofs from the bible for Mary not remaining a virgin after the birth of Jesus.