Jesus Christ the Precious Stone 1 Pet. 2:3-9

Jesus Christ the Precious Stone 1 Pet. 2:3-9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

1 Pet 2:3-9 is about Jesus Christ the Precious Stone.  Three times in this passage he is referred to as precious.  Jesus is the precious stone because:

He is Chosen – 1 Pet 2:4 – he is God’s choice – men have come up with their own choices like Allah, Buddha, Baal and so forth – but God is the one who chose Jesus to be his stone – when Jesus said “upon this rock I will build my church” there is no way that he was referring to Peter.

He is Alive – 1 Pet 2:4 – he is a living stone – all of the man-made gods and their founders are dead – Jesus Christ rose from the dead to live forever and to grant eternal life to all those who receive him.

He is Gracious – 1 Pet 2:3 – and when you believe on him you are saved and not confounded – the amazing truth is that he saved us – we are so unworthy to be saved by such a precious stone.

He is Chief – 1 Pet 2:6 – Jesus is the chief cornerstone upon which the whole temple of God is built [Eph 2:19-22] – Paul said he is the only foundation upon which to build the temple of God [1 Cor 3:11-15].

He is Elect – 1 Pet 2:6 – Jesus has been elected by God to rule over all the heaven and the earth – he is not ruling yet but he will be when he returns – and when he runs this place it is going to run right – see Dan 2:31-45 for a beautiful picture Jesus Christ the precious stone coming to rule.

He is Disallowed – 1 Pet 2:7 – the world never chooses what God chooses – the world is contrary to God and so that makes Jesus Christ all the more precious because the world doesn’t want him – if the world did want him, then we would surely know that he is not God’s man – when he returns he is going to crush his opponents who disallowed him.

Conclusion: 1 Pet 2:5, 9 – we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people and it is our privilege and responsibility to show forth his praises – because he is so precious we should praise him in the midst of even our darkest trials – we are privileged to suffer with him – because he is so precious we should praise and love him with all of our heart when we are gathered together and he is in our midst – he is more precious than any earthly man or woman that men may laud and praise – he alone is worthy.